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What's Up Doc (1972)

Last Friday the consultant told me I could run start running again, albeit slowly. Then my doctor phoned to say as the scan and x-ray showed nothing she wanted me to see an orthopaedic surgeon. Gosh! So I saw this very nice, young (!) surgeon this week who thinks my swollen toes are a result of a stress fracture and he wants me to have an MRI scan.

"Do you run on your toes?" he asks,

" yes but I'm trying to change that". Obviously I haven't managed it.

"Can I run?" I ask.

"No" he says.

What's a girl to do? One consultant says yes and the other says no. At the end of the day I'm a sensible princess and so I'm listening to the surgeon who knows all about toes and feet.

He did say that I have very tight calves. I know. And this can make you more susceptible to stress fractures. I know.

Bottom line is I still can't run, I'm waiting to get an appointment for an MRI scan and I won't be able to do Dozzer's Discombobulater! I'm gutted.

I am still cycling to keep my fitness up but I so miss running.

But I'm a "glass half full" kind of gal and so I know I'll be back running again!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy your running.

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Hi irishprincess! Do you mind me asking? Has the cycling helped you to keep your fitness levels up? I am in the process of taking instruction on bike riding as an option whilst I can't run. I'm not good on the bike but I am hoping I can cycle on the pavement for a 3 mile stretch along our valley and back and that it will help me.

Hope you are soon healed up and out there running again. Be kind to yourself and do as they tell you - hard I know!


Cycling is really good exercise but without the stress on the joints. I used to cycle years ago but got out of the habit, but since I can't run this seems the best option. I'm determined not to let my hard won fitness levels disappear and I must say I'm getting quite into it now. My face still goes pink so that must be good!

Definitely give it a go. You'll enjoy it. I know it's not the same as running but I'm hopeful that once I can start running again, I'll be ready!

Good luck!


Thank you for letting me know that. I have never been a cyclist but acquired a bike a few years ago but too afraid of traffic to use it. Once I stop wussing out with the traffic I am hoping it will help me to keep fit. I have got help from WY Go-Cycling group and a man is going to show me how to do it safely on Saturday.

I have also got a card which was stamped at the doctor's surgery which approved me for access to all the classes in the leisure centres in Leeds for the next 3 months for free. YAY!

I am working out a programme of Pilates, aqua aerobics and spinning and swimming classes to get maximum use out of it! Seeing GP first on Monday to check that my plan will be ok before I start.

Can't let this opportunity go to waste can I?

:) :) :)


I feel your frustration Irishprincess but you are being sensible and listening to the medics advice. Your glass half full will soon be running over (sorry that pun was terrible) :) Keep smiling this injury bench is so frustrating been on it nearly 3 months now gggrrrrrrr :(

I'm swimming, cycling & rowing at the gym and got a new PB with my rowing this morning, it gave me a real high not quite the same as a running PB but it will suffice for now :)


Hi Oldgirl. It's so frustrating, isn't it? I've tried rowing too. It's bloody hard work, so well done on your PB.

I must get back to swimming too but at the minute prefer the cycling.

You must be very fit!


Its amazing just how fit running makes us, non runners don't appreciate how much effort goes into it. I often say to my hubby "such and such a hill" and he'll say "that's not a hill"!! But it is when you are running up even a slight incline it takes much more effort again.

We will get back to it I'm sure its just frustrating but we women are good at multi tasking so while we are on the bench lets just find a couple of replacement exercises to keep us going ;)


How frustrating! Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it soon. Good luck ;)


Thanks Paul, so do I!


I was so pleased that last week you got the go ahead to run but like you say best do what foot and toe doctor says. Cycling is great too!!


Better cycling than back on the couch. I so don't want to go there again.


well done on the positive outlook, I know how hard it is as I am not running at the moment due to injury...It makes you realise just how much it keeps you sane! I wish you a speedy recovery fit for a princess :)


Thanks JJ. Yes I'm sorry you're off injured too. What a pain. Mind you I don't like running in the heat so maybe this is a blessing!


How long for the scan then Princess? Hopefully not too long ey. Meanwhile keep moving! I'm sure you will!


Haven't got a date yet misswobble. I will keep moving though. Can't give up my hard earned fitness!


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