Get behind me W3!!

So, completed W3R3 on Thursday evening and it was tough! It was windy, my legs were aching, breathing was all over the place and the last 3 min run seemed to go on for ages but got through it nonetheless!

Looking forward to W4R1 on Sunday after a 2 day break despite reading that many find this one hard....I am going to try and vary my route to take my mind off the longer run and hope that helps. Trying to practice the belly breathing technique too when walking to make it come more naturally when running (hopefully!)

Good luck to everyone else on W4 too!


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12 Replies

  • Hi just joined and saw your post, good going!!! :) I have my W3R3 tonight and it is windy here!!!


  • Hi Sachelle, saw on your other post that you are now on W4 too and raring to go - well done you and good luck!

  • Great job getting through week 3!!! We are fighting wind here too! I keep thinking it should build my muscles up more with the resistance! ;-) I am getting ready to start week 7 and it is amazing I have made it this far. I went from not being able to run some 1 minutes to running 25 minutes last night. It can be done! Trust the program and never question it...YOU GUYS WILL GET THERE!

  • Well done gdeann on getting to week 7, thats great! Thanks too for the encouragement!

  • Just finished my w3r3 tonight too. Windy here but how come whichever way I go I never get a tail wind? W4r1 on Sunday for me too, I hope.

  • Good luck for Sunday AnnieW55 - we will have to compare notes as to how it went!

  • Well, I did it. Straight out of bed at 7am, into 'running gear' and out the door. Despite careful planning, looking for flattish terrain, there was still a lot of gradual uphill but just went slower and got there. I ended up further from home than I thought I would so even managed an extra 1 minute on the way back. My breathing seemed a little less all over the place this morning which made it a bit easier I think. Felt good enough about the run to do it again on Tuesday evening. Hope your run goes/went as well, or better SBG356.

  • Well done AnnieW55, thats great to hear and an extra minute on top too - brilliant!

    I wasnt up quite so early as you but yes it went well! I was so geared up for this despite wondering if I could possibly run for 5 mins but I did it so am well pleased! My breathing started off erratic but then seemed to calm down when I wasnt thinking about it so maybe thats the key, though it still wasnt as Laura instructs... A change of route seemed to help too. When Laura told me I had run more than I had walked that made me so happy! Cant wait for Tuesday evening too!

  • Hi Sue, I completed W3 R3 yesterday too, as usual hard work in the evening but chuffed I completed it! Suffering with a bad back today, hoping just work stress (rubbish week in office) & like you planning on W4 R1 on Sunday. I'm sure we'll both be fine.. good luck Jx

  • Well done Jackie and hope your back is ok for Sunday but dont push it. Best to wait until you feel ok even if it means delaying by a couple of days.

    I had a really bad pain in my lower abdomen yesterday (no idea what it is) and couldnt go to work and though its a lot better today I am just hoping I will be ok for tomorrow but if not it can wait. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Good luck too! Sx

  • Really windy here yesterday morning-I was running into it all the way. I managed to finish week3 run 2 ok. The hardest part I found ironically was the first 90 secs run. After that i seemed to get into my stride and was ok to finish the rest. I met another runner on the way, and every time she passed she said keep going you can do it. Wonder if she is doing this course? She was a lot further on than me if she is and it inspired me to keep going. Good luck with week 4 everyone, I start that on Wedneday.

  • That was nice of her to offer you encouragement Pearsey and definitely a help to keep going. Good luck for W3R3!

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