W3 Gremlins

Just last night I thought, "The great part about doing the programme again is no gremlins because you've done it before!" And then today, just as I was about to start the first 3 min run - gremlins. It's quite silly of them, really. The longest I've ever run is 34 mins (5k) so I KNOW I can do 3 mins.

They went away fairly quickly though as I tried to concentrate on the actual running. I struggled a bit today - didn't get tired, but with my breathing. That was a problem the first time around too, so I need to pay extra attention to it. I'm so glad I decided to start from the beginning again instead of somewhere like W5.


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10 Replies

  • They are so persistent aren't they ? Glad they did not stop you...the breathing is so odd...I struggle when it gets cooler...Go you! x

  • They are persistent, but so am I ;)

  • Tough stuff! I think we amaze ourselves sometimes..I know I do x

  • I do too! I am EXTREMELY lazy, and the old me would have abandoned running with this 2 month break. I don't know what it is - whether I just love running or whether running has changed me - but I amazed myself when I realised abandoning it wasn't even an option. Crazy.

  • I think the gremlins will always be there. Once you've defeated them they come back with a new strategy. Even if you've done that run before they will tell you"last time you were better hydrated, you ran at a different time, it was a fluke etc." and they are very good at thinking up new strategies. So we just have to defeat them again and again and again. Most of the time we do but sometimes they just make me stop in my tracks. Pesky things!

  • Good point, they have a lot of things to attack, not just "can I run for x minutes". We can defeat them!

  • Sorry to hear about your gremlins!! I always have a few as well... even though I can run for over an hour now I still get nervous about every run I do; that I'll be slow, I'll fail, I won't be able to complete it, etc... but the best way to defeat them is to show them who's boss!! You can *definitely* run 3 mins, and you'll progress quickly :) just go for it and do your best.

    Also with your breathing, are you breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, with control? Breathing in for a count of 4 steps and out for the same is something I have stuck to and it really helps. Can be tough at times, but I only allow myself a brief few pants sometimes before going back to the usual pattern. If you find yourself breathing very hard just slow it down until you can get it back under control - better to do that than get breathless and tired too quickly. All the best!

  • I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth, and for a count of 4 steps in and out. Stupidly, I sometimes hold my breath for a beat or two after breathing in, and that's when it takes a bit of work to get it back on track. No one to blame but me.

  • The best thing about redoing the program as you've said, is that you know it's possible. So gremlins are annoying, but you have knowledge and experience this time around.

  • Yep! Easier to tell them politely to p*** off :)

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