W3 R3 done

Not much to say about this apart from I found it hard getting my feet moving today. I felt a bit more in control of my breathing. I still can't do the 4 steps breathing in and 4 steps out yet, but this is improving. I don't find it too hard to recover in time, but the first three minutes was hard; possibly harder than the second three. I feel that week 4 will be a really hard step up. My running place is now getting too small for a longer run. I think I"ll have to scope out some housing estates which are lit.

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  • Well done on keeping up with the plan africanali. I also completed my w3r3 yesterday (Tuesday) and it wasn't in my usual place as I had another job interview to attend in the morning in another part of the country (Devon). I then drove down to Cornwall to spend a few days with my family who live there. I ended up parking on a Tesco car park in Penzance and completed todays run along the seafront and boy it was windy!!

    I am also thinking about w4r1 and dreading it as I don't really think I am going to be able to successfully complete it and I reckon this is going to be the first week that I am going to really struggle with and not complete...we will see. I really hope I'm wrong!

    All the best with your first week 4 run anyway.

  • Glad that all is well, and that you completed week 3. I had wondered if all was well. I guess that it was good to run in a different venue. I'm trying to convince myself that week 4 will be fine, as each week I doubted that I would be able to carry on. I normally take a two day rest and will run on Saturday. Good luck too for your start of week 4.

  • Cheers! Yeah, I'm still at my sisters so I need to find somewhere to go out running again as the small village she lives in is definitely not ideal. Hope you manage to complete your first run of week 4 as planned.

  • Morning Nali

    And well done for completing the run, and being in more control of your breathing. Do not be ashamed of repeating Week 3 next week if you feel it will help.

    And, The four steps breathing is new to mee.... Off to google it!!

  • Thanks for the encouragement. The four step breathing is something Laura suggested. Breathing in for four steps and out for four.

  • hummmmm thanks

    I just breathe!! But I will look it up later :-)

    Remember this is not a race. TRust your body, and if youfeel you would benefict from repeating week 3 physically and/or mentally, just dooo it :)


  • I cant do that breathing either - it takes all my focus just to put one foot in front of the other and not fall over! I am assuming it will all fall into place at some point ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Lets hope....

  • Well done! I struggle with the four steps breathing and only manage about two at a time but it definitely helps. Good luck on starting week 4!

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