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I completed my first run of week 3 today and it was actually okay. When I heard Laura say at the beginning that it would involve 3 minute running intervals I thought it would be awful... that and the humidity. It wasn't too bad though. I feel like it really depends for me what time I go out as to how I feel. Strangely, early in the morning doesn't work as well for me as later afternoon. I feel like my muscles haven't properly woken up in the morning and I get crazily heavy legs. Maybe that'll change as time goes on.

Also.. an annoying glitch thing happened during two of my W2 runs whilst listening to the podcasts. The first time the podcast just stopped halfway through and then it said it was unavailable. So I just had to use my Runkeeper timer to keep track of when to run and walk. Didn't happened during today's run luckily. Has this happened to anyone else before?


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  • Well done Delzabelza , I think as you go on , you will find a time to run that suits you best.

    I always run after work and then I like to go running either Saturday or Sunday morning .

    I remember having a problem with Week 5 , I had a glitch with it and couldn't get it to play properly . It kept skipping , but not sure if that was a problem with my phone at the time .

    Good Luck, keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxxx

  • Good to hear that week 3 is ok! Just finished week 2 tonight! When I look ahead to the coming weeks, I wonder how I am going to do them! Feel like I am getting into a rhythm though :)

    I think I run better after work too - which is surprising but helpful to run the day away!

    I had a glitch on week 2. It got stuck at the end of the 1st run and then paused just before the last one - weird!

    Bring on week 3 on Thursday :) Keep going!


  • My darned cell phone thingy would turn itself on and off so pretty quickly I came to distrust it. The US version of C25K has very little content - Laura comes on now and then so you don't get a running commentary or sound track like the UK one appears to have. Anyway - at a certain point I got a small clip-on Kitchen Timer and would set it to the times of whatever stage I was at. I absolutely love it - it is reliable, discreet and I now get to listen to my own voice recorder gadget with my own shows and songs :)

  • That's a really good idea!

  • I never had any issues with the podcasts Delzabelza, but I have them on an mp3 player not a phone. .

    Well done starting week 3, its great how your confidence builds when you realise you can manage what you thought was impossible..😊

    Keep going...

  • Ha snap I seem to have problems with listening to the download on my phone so mostly just rely on hubby to tell me (his works fine) 😬 I also think people have times of the day when more alert etc. For me early mornings are best and then during the day I slow down so when I did a run a few weeks ago at lunchtime it was a nightmare😨 mornings all the way for me. Keep it up and have fun! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • I'm on week 3 too and have just completed run 2 which oddly was more gruelling than run 1! I'm running after work too which helps clear my mind from the day's work pressures. I downloaded the podcasts onto my iPhone but haven't had any issues with them stopping. It works really well. Good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Thank you, you too!

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