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Next step taken - W7R1 behind me

The further you get away from runs the nicer they seem. At the time they're often not very pleasant. I was looking forward to this run, but also aware that 4 runs a week is a bit much and last week I really needed the 2 days off between W5R3 and W6R1. But that was last week. And this week I was feeling much better. There is always a little voice saying "don't overdo it" though and I think that voice woke the gremlins up. Anyway I went out mid-morning and the first 15 minutes there were lots of niggly comments from the re-awakened gremlins:

"This isn't the time you normally run" answer "I know, trying something different, I can actually run on paths in daylight"

"That tea you drank is sloshing around. Aren't you hungry?" answer "I'll be fine, I normally run mornings on an empty stomach"

"Aren't you going a bit fast" answer "I don't think so, but I'll slow down"

"Call that breathing. Puffing like an old steam engine you are" (unfortunately there was no answer to that, the gremlins were right)

"You're not even half way there, look at the route ahead of you, you're already tired" answer "No I'm not, and will you lot please shut up"

After 15 minutes they did and there was never any chance of them stopping me, but there were not so many reserves left in my tank when the last minute came. I did increase my speed a little, but started to feel a little queasy from over-exertion (brought back memories of school cross-country) and was glad when the cool-down came.

I was pleased with the statistics, I was more consistent than the last run and again the 3rd km was my fastest. All in all my fastest run. Not that that's saying much.

Now I know what Laura says I might run without the podcast and music next time - will have to think how I get the timing right without Laura prompting me. I ran with runkeeper again today and I don't know if I like the pressure. On the other hand I want the statistics if only for future reference.

Maybe try to go for my SLOWEST speed next time.

Oh what fun! Roll on W7R2 on Tuesday!

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Well done on your run! You did great! What I did was have runkeeper going but downloaded the podcast on my phone so even though runkeeper tells you where you are and what you're doing I took little notice and went with Laura. There was never much between them, seconds if that!

If you have an iPod you could have runkeeper on your phone and listen to the podcast on the iPod!

I totally understand you wanting the stats. They are great to look back on! I couldn't believe how far I'd come on looking at mine from week 5 onwards!

You go for it! Not long to graduation!

Elsie xxx

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Thanks Elsie, might try your ideas. And graduation is really starting to look like a distinct possibility! Still a bit nervous about nothing but long runs - but hey I've just done 2 on the trot and nothing hurts (much!).

You and Saul were a great inspiration to keep on with this programme - loved your posts and followed your progress while I was on the earlier weeks. And now I'm on W7 myself - gulp!


You can set up a manual run on runkeeper if you wish :) the stats aren't really important at this stage , yes nice to know and have for reference

You have the program to see how far you have come and progressed already :)

Those gremlins can be perky little lighters best to ignore them all together and just run :) there are always going to be good and bad days when running some more so than others best not to dwell and look forward to the next one :D

You really have done brilliant so far keep at it and go get that graduation badge :)

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Graduation beckons.. you can do this. Slow and steady and ignore the gremlins.

I had to put mine in a jar today with a firm stopper in the top!

Well done you! :)


I quite like my gremlins, because they make me stubborn and determined. It's when they go quiet and my legs just stop of their own accord that I have problems. As long as I'm arguing back I'm winning!


Brilliant 👍

I like that you're a day ahead of me. I use your posts to build confidence for mine the next day. I can't believe we're going to be doing all long runs from now on 😮 it's amazing how far we've come in 6 weeks isn't it?


And you just behind me also keeps the pressure up on me! I can't let you down (or myself of course). You being there will help when things start to get tougher - and I'm sure they will!

But I am loving this - never done anything like it before😈

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Hi Skinny, wow, well done, you're flying into week 7 with style! Was tempted by Runkeeper and the like myself, but think would prefer to be blissfully ignorant until after graduation! You did great fighting off the pesky gremlins, no stopping you now, graduation is just a couple of weeks off - keep it up! :) x

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