Week 2 completed - Week 3 starts Wednesday - GULP!

Hi everyone - well I've just completed week 2 this morning and Wednesday will be Week 3 Run 1 - and I've looked ahead at the schedule and I have to say I'm a bit worried - it seems to be a massive jump up from what I've been doing and I'm trying hard not to be daunted by it :-/

Up to now I'm really enjoying Couch25K - I've surprised everyone by doing this program, running is so 'not me' - but I've really been enjoying myself so far - helped by taking the good advice of people on this forum I have to say and going for gait analysis and getting a proper pair of running shoes - that delayed me starting the program by a week but I am so glad I did - the difference is amazing and I'm not sacred of injuring myself.

How did everyone else find the jump from Wk2 Run3 - Wk3 3 Run1?

Am I just being a big wuss being nervous of it?


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  • You aren't a wuss, the hardest part is behind you I.e you started the programme and progressed, drop the negatives and believe in the programme; enjoy.

  • I can do this, can't I? Yes of course I can.

  • Jan, you most definitely can. I'm an overweight 53 year old and I'm on week 8. I was convinced I would drop out at Week 3 or 4. Just take it real slow. If I can, believe me, anyone can. Keep going and enjoy the after glow. Xx

  • I have to admit I do feel amazingly smug with myself when I finish each session - I'm self employed and I do my runs with the lady who works in the next unit to me on our business park - she is a seasoned runner but we go around the playing field nearby and she runs gently round and round to keep me company. On "run days" we're both out running at 6:30, I'm back at the unit and showered and at my desk for 7:30 and I swagger round the unit feeling like Mo Farah :-D :-D

  • Haha! How fantastic is that? Enjoy!

  • You'll be fine. Don't look ahead. Just do the run immediately in front of you!

  • The biggest jump in this programme is W1R1. That's when you go from nothing to being on the go for 16 minutes non-stop - running for half of that time. And that's not counting the warm up/down walking. W2 same time on the go, but more of it spent in short running bursts.

    W3 and W4 also follow the similar structures, but you actually reduce your overall time 'on-the-go' in W3 whilst increasing the amount of this time running rather than walking; W4 is a gradual increase on this again, and so on with other weeks

    Each week is designed to push you further. There are no easy runs on this programme and each one will stretch you. You will of course find some runs harder than others, but there is no point in spending too much time analysing this; just accept it is the same for everyone and move on. Bad or good, every run counts. You have got this!!!

  • I'm used to moving - prior to starting the program I was power walking my dogs for an hour a day (split as 2 x 30 minute walks) and running just seemed the natural thing to do next as I walk so fast I'm almost trotting anyway - I think I'm just freaking out at the THOUGHT of it. Im excited tho too - I got so ridiculously pleased with myself doing Wk2 R1 :-D

    Roll on Wednesday then and Wk3 R1 !

  • So how did you find W3R1 then? I just did it this morning and found it tough, but it did seem to go quite quickly

  • The last 3 min run was hard going cos it was uphill but I did it (albeit I was a hot sweaty mess after!) - just completed W3R3 this morning - Wednesday is W4R1 - we can do this !!!! :-D

  • I was like you after I completed W2, ( a complete non-runner before) then I completed W3r1 yesterday & loved it, didn't notice the 3 min runs, (good music choice I'm putting it down too) just take it run by run & you'll do great, trust your running buddy too, I'm sure she'll get you through. Good luck

  • Absolutely agree on music - first 2 weeks I didn't have any as I wanted to concentrate on what the voice over was saying but for W3 whacked on Erasure's Greatest Hits and found that much easier to run to - just hard not to sing out loud when I'm doing the "walkie" bit :-D

  • I used to love Erasure, might have to download it & try it, Tks.

  • Hi, just done week 3 run 1. I was worried like you, but made it. Slow and steady :)

  • It's amazing isn't it that we can do this and not only that we are actually ENJOYING it ! if someone had said to me a year ago "You're gonna take up running and love it" I'd never have believed them!

  • Ha, very true. And each week I am amazed that I can 'run' for longer :)

  • Me too :-D And I pore over my stats on Map My Run like a proper marathon runner :-D

  • I'm such an old fogey I didn't know about these apps until a friend told me. I wondered how people knew how far they'd run - hahaha! I may wait until another week or 2 until I use an app, just in case I am disappointed about the distance :)

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