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Wk 2 run 3 completed

So I have managed to complete week 2 😁😁 and have to say by slowing my runs down (if they can even be called runs now they're so slow lol) that I found breathing more manageable. However, despite new running shoes, my shins are agony since I got back from the run 😩 Currently sat with frozen peas on my shins. Not running til Monday now and will see if the extra couple of days rest helps. Also having a fair analysis done next week so will be untreated to see what they say.

But I never thought I'd complete wk 2 so whoop whoop to that 😜

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Well done you!! 😀 hopefully shin pain will ease with rest & probably body just getting used to running! & it doesn't matter how slow you run you still running!! Are you running on flat routes? I have tried to keep to flat routes & then mixed in a few with inclines ( it's amzing how flat a road looks until you run it!!! ) keep believing in yourself you will get there😊😊x

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Yep all flat routes 😊 Thank you 😊


Try stretching after runs & long soaks in the bath!!! Gait test great & should help. Good luck😊x


I did a big calf and hamstring stretch after run today and had frozen peas on shines for 20 mins and that seemed to ease the pain 😊 Thanks for all advice. It's very much appreciated 😀


Well done you! Week 2 safely in the bag :) Gait analysis is a great thing to have done. I suffered incredibly with shin and calf pain in the early weeks and have to say that once I had the correct shoes it gradually disappeared. Having said that, I think a lot of muscles are getting a rude wake up call in those early weeks and the more you progress, the less they complain!

Good luck with week 3 and whoop whoop for your achievement so far - brilliant :)


Aw fab thank you, hopefully will ease soon then lol. 😀


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