Week 5 completed

Hi everyone :)

Well, that's w5 done and dusted and I'm feeling really chuffed about it. I wasn't feeling as apprehensive about starting w5 as I was about w4. I felt pretty confident in being able to tackle r1 and r2 as I didn't feel it was too much of a jump from the previous week. However, I was more apprehensive about r3 knowing I would have to be running for a full 20 minutes, non-stop!

I managed r1 and r2 without too much of a problem and actually felt as if my fitness levels had improved dramatically since starting the programme. R3 was, as expected, the harder of the three runs (bit of an obvious statement I know ;) ) but again, thankfully, I managed to complete it but I knew it had been a big step up on what I had been doing thus far. Great feeling though to have completed it :)

On Sunday I drove through to Newcastle Metro Centre for gait/video analysis at SweatShop and treat myself to a nice shinny new pair of Asics Gel Cumulus 15 running shoes, the first pair of dedicated running shoes I've ever owned :) I also opted for a pair of moulded insoles even though I hadn't intended buying them but after trying the shoes with and without, I felt they offered much more support and held my foot nicely. I must say, what a difference the shoes make. It's like running on cushions. I couldn't believe how well they absorb the shock etc. Well worth it. I actually completed r3 wearing them :)

Roll on w6. I'm already looking forward to it. Again, I'm hoping to up my running speed to 8.5km/h to keep me on target to reach the goal of 5k in 30 minutes. Fingers crossed I can do it ;)

For w5 I walked at a pace of 4km/h (w4 at 4km/h) and a running speed of 8km/h (w4 at 7.5km/h) covering a combined walk/run distance of 3k for r1, 3.1k for r2 and 3.3k for r3.

In old money (approx): 4km/h = 2.5 mph. 8km/h = 5 mph. 3.3k = 2 miles.

Best wishes to everyone working their way through the c25k and to all those thinking of starting, just go for it :)

Regards, Paul


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21 Replies

  • The shoes sound amazing, what a lovely treat and very sensible too to get decent ones....well done on your progress, it sounds like you are bang on target for your 5k :)

  • Thanks, juicyju ;) They do feel amazing and I thought I'd get them sooner rather than later before my old Reebok trainers caused any issues. Yep, still on target ;)

  • Well done for completing the first long run - and in your shiny new shoes too! Watch out for week 6 - it seems to catch lots of people out. Keep it fairly low ndstedy and you will be fine.

  • Thanks for the warning. I'll keep that in mind ;)

  • It's so good to have that 20min run out of the way... You're very organised about your speed: are you on a treadmill?

    Good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Thanks, Becca. Yes, using a treadmill. I can set a fixed pace etc which I like and I can keep on track more easily for my 5k in 30 minute goal ;)

  • Shoes sound great and glad they made a difference.Hope they didn't cost an arm and a leg:-) also thanks for old money conversion lol!You are doing well to keep on target!!!

  • lol. I remembered from my last post re the old money ;) The shoes weren't cheap and I could have got them cheaper online but, after having the gait analysis and advice etc, I felt it only right to purchase the shoes from them. The next pair I'll probably order on line though ;)

  • Congratulations :-) I love reading everyone's inspirational stories.

  • Thank you, pandarunner :)

  • hi Paul, congratulations! I did W5R1 today, I had to take an extra rest day before starting it because my left hip was bothering me, but it seems ok now.

    Good luck with W6

    Best regards

  • Thank you, ana. Glad to hear your hip is on the mend and good luck with the rest of w5 :)

  • Well done Paul! I completed W5R3 yesterday too, and didn't find it as scary as I initially thought. Those shoes sound lovely by the way! Onto Week 6! Good luck!

  • Thank you and congrats on completing w5 ;)

  • Well done Paul - and I too run in those shoes with a third party insole... match them with some running socks and it's like running on pillows! Good luck with week 6 - slow and steady for the interval runs... for some reason they are tricky ones...

  • Thanks :) I bought some running socks at the time, I think they're called Hind, although I do believe Asics also produce their own. Thanks for the heads-up re w6. A couple of people have warned me about it. I'll be extra vigilant ;)

  • Thanks, kittykat :) I did feel rather chuffed actually :) I'll be starting w6 tonight and can't wait. These two day breaks between weeks seems like an eternity! Another Asics runner, we should start our own club ;)

  • Hi Paul. Well done and I love the detail in your post. You are running about the same speed as me, well just over but I am trying to keep my walks at 5kmh. Did you manage the w5r3 20 minute one all at 8 kms or did you start slower and build up. I'm on w5r2 next and am nervous about the bigger jumps well the 20 minutes really. I had to read it twice!

  • Thanks ;) Yes, I did r3 at 8 km/h. Did the 5 minute walk at 4 then 8 for the run. I was nervous about the jump, I think most people are, but I felt comfortable with the speed and distance. However, I was prepared to drop the speed if needed. You'll know how you feel in yourself but you have built up to this 20 minute run so you should be fine. If any doubts start is slow and see how you feel. Good luck :)

  • Thanks so much! Only just found out where to look for answers!!

  • You're welcome ;)

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