WK6 R3 In the Bag!!

Completed the first 25 min run this morning!! I set of feeling very apprehensive about this mornings' run. I decided to run a different route to add a bit of variety as up to now I've run the same route out and back and just extended the distance as I've improved. Overall covered 4.6k approx, managed to ignore my annoying inner running voice that kept telling me I couldn't do it and to stop and take a break! Couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear when Laura announced at the end that I was officially a runner! Bring on week 7... !

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  • Yay, well done! That's fantastic :) I did this run too but by accident (meant to be on Week 5 Run 3 but I listened to the wrong podcast). I've heard Week 6 is tough so I am a bit nervous and have read fitmo's comments on other posts to respect it and that I will. Congratulations on completing Week 6 and go get Week 7!

  • Fitmo is watching....you WILL succeed! Cheers.

  • Thank you for your encouragement :) Well done for doing this run by accident its definitely not easy! I found week 6 ok, thanks to fitmo's sound advice! I've tried really hard to focus on minutes run rather than my speed as the speed will improve as I get fitter! (I hope!). Good luck with wk6 just take it steady and you will triumph! Enjoy !!

  • Thank you! I will definitely focus on stamina than pace. I had to slow down a bit in the last 5 mins if the 25 mins run but I know if i carried on at the faster pace, I would have really struggled to finish it and didn't want to feel like I failed.

    Keep going and I'll look out for you in the forum to cheer you on!

  • I think you did brilliantly to complete the run ( even if by mistake) but shows how your running is improving!! I will also look out for you on the forum so keep posting!! Good luck with wk 6, Happy running!! :)

  • Well done on completing the 'killer' week 6 - I knew you'd do it. Good luck with week 7 but would advise also treating it with a bit of respect as the continuous longer runs can be tiring - you've no walk breaks now. Keep to the usual slow and steady and you will be posting successful completion before you know it. My very best wishes.

  • Thankyou Fitmo, very sound advise. It's a bit daunting to think that there aren't any walking breaks from now on, but the programme hasn't failed me yet so I will press on and keep the faith!! Have to say I felt quite emotional when Laura announced i was officially " a runner". Good luck and best wishes for your future runs.

  • I did the same run yesterday, but didn't get anywhere near as far as you. Congratulations on completing it. It is such a great sense of achievement knowing that you are now officially a runner.

  • Well done on completing week 6. Have to say the official runner announcement made me feel quite emotional. It's been quite a journey and I never would have believed at the beginning that I would be able to come this far. I am thoroughly enjoying c25k, hope you are too! Will look out for your posts and hopefully we will graduate around the same time in just a few weeks! Good Luck and best wishes.

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