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W6R3: knew I'd done it when theme to Monty Python started! Yipppeeeee


It's been longer than six weeks coming but this ole asthmatic, overweight granny just completed 6.3! Am the colour of a postbox and dripping like a stuck pig ... But I've done it. Can't believe that back at the start of Feb I couldn't complete a one minute run. Oh thank you Laura, thank you NHS Choices, but most of all...thanks to all you lovely blogging joggers out there - newbies and graduates alike!!

Have to say I was pretty fed up with pod music, so I put together a mishmash collection of my favourite tunes and was able to see on the PC when I'd got to 25 minutes worth! Then I stuck on the Monty Python theme to follow. I walked to the top of nearby hill (about 6 minutes away) then flicked my 'album' on. Started the steady jog downhill ... nice ... sunshine too ... plodded onwards, flat bits, a couple of little slopes, a main road, a footpath through a park and more residential roads. Legs were quite tired; no, very tired and I considered stopping, was tempted to look at my watch to see how close to target I'd got ... when all of a sudden Monty Python started up :D :D :D Wooppppeeee, knew I'd completed 25 mins and could slow down to a walk ... and grin broadly back to my front door.

Three more weeks of straight running to go. No more intervals ;) Will add other tracks to my album for these weeks to gradually stretch out the music to 27, 28 and 30 minutes. Oh dear Laura, I'm going to miss your gentle encouragements, but I thank you again for getting me this far... I'm a runner now.

Sending happy vibes to all others out there attempting similar challenges today. Good luck to you all.... WE CAN DO THIS!

Linda x :)

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Congratulations!!!! I am due to do this run tomorrow but have decided to take a two day break to make sure my legs are ready and to avoid the football matches in the park as means lots of people. When you describe yourself I think your talking about me so I am hoping that will also apply for my run. Thanks for the motivation I am trying to follow your lead. Good luck with your future runs but your a runner now!!!

LMS2110Graduate in reply to karenmac70

Thanks, and all good wishes for you tomorrow Karen. I think the best thing about today was completely losing track of time, so the 'end tune' really was the most amazingly gratifying surprise. You'll do it for sure :) Hope the sun keeps shining for you, as it too makes such a difference to one's mood for a successful run. I'll watch out for the 'I did it' blog from you tomorrow! Cheers


Nice one Linda!

So no more intervals. I think I am going to miss the walk breaks as it splits up the run but I think I am ready to take on longer runs too. I'm due to do W6R3 tomorrow but like Karen mac above I am thinking about giving myself an extra days recovery (also I forgot my sports bra as I'm visiting my in-laws and the last run was uncomfortable without it).

I look forward to the next blog to see how we all manage the last 2-3 weeks up to graduation. How are you all planning on rewarding yourselves at the end?

LMS2110Graduate in reply to Twedders

No worries about leaving it another day ie until you have the full kit on! (Gotta look after those assets, eh? ;) )

All the best when you get out there - if you think you're ready for it then sure as eggs are eggs - you are :D

Taking a short trip to Florence in mid May, looking forward enormously to traipsing around city, galleries and churches without getting fatigued.

Must plan for something for us all to do - the length and breadth of the country - there are so many of us due to graduate around the same time. Any good ideas?


Well done! Due to do mine tomorrow, hope it goes as well as yours. Think I will stick to Laura for now and then when I graduate will start doing to own playlist... Lots of Muse I think...

LMS2110Graduate in reply to jonut

Go for it Jonut! If you fix your mind on completing it tomorrow, then complete it you WILL! Lots of luck, lovely weather and jolly Laura to keep you company ;) Take care x


Well done Linda - hearing that music must have been such a lovely surprise! What a grand little team you are coming along together! Keep it up. :)

LMS2110Graduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks so much... I really feel that corners have been well and truly turned now....Sooooo many thanks to you for your regular 'go steady, go slow advice'... without it and the encouragement I probably would have given up at my sticky week 4. Bless you x


Well done Linda, you'll soon be finished. Good luck for the last weeks. :)

LMS2110Graduate in reply to Oldgirl

It has meant so much along the way to have been spurred on by graduates! You've all been there, done that and your sound advice has been greatly appreciated. Many thanks x


Fantastic, Linda - I'm so pleased for you - you sound so happy! Onwards and upwards :)

Well done you! Its such a great feeling isn't it? We are at the same place in the programme and I love hearing of others success at the same time as me!! Here's to reaching graduation in only 3 weeks and just in time for running in the lovely summer weather :)

LMS2110Graduate in reply to HappyRunningFi

Thanks, yes - am amazed at how many of us at the same stage...... Cool huh :) We should be planning a party (around the country?) in about three weeks time LOL!

Good luck with your last few weeks too :D

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