W6R3 Horrible, but not quite so horrible as W6R2

I went out earlier today - but the sun came out, so that wasn't too good. I tried a different route and also put on Strava. I never did feel that I got into my stride. The gremlins were busy. 'I can't do this'. 'You won't make it, so why not stop now' etc etc. I knew that If I stopped I would never start. At 12 1/2 mins I thought I'd still got too far to go. It wasn't until Laura said 5 more minutes that I thought maybe I can hang on, and I did. I'd been looking forward to hearing Laura say that I was now a runner, but I didn't feel like it, and I though I even heard a hint of doubt in Laura's voice!! I did manage a little shout of 'Yaay!' but my beetroot face came back!


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15 Replies

  • Hey doesn't matter how you did it but you did !!! Was looking forward to hearing your accomplishment, beetroot is all in for autum 😂

  • Just as well as it was not a pretty sight. I think my easiest running is when I'm not thinking about the time and my mind wanders, but its very difficult to try not to think about something. Hopefully now we know there is no more walking, the long runs will become easier?!! Good luck for your next run!!

  • Just let your mind go.... think about anything... count, make up rhymes.. just go with it, slow and steady :)

  • well done! I also find half way into a run my mind wanders and it does feel a bit easier when you're not concentrating on breathing. good luck for your next one!

  • Excellent stuff africanali. Well done! I knew you would do it.

    Yeah, it's tough going but you pulled through. I found it very tough going as well, and only managed to complete it by going (very) slowly indeed. I was exactly the same at the halfway point but kept plodding on to see exactly how far I could get, and then before I knew it, Laura was announcing I had just 60 seconds left! :D

    You are now officially a runner mate, and there's no more of those silly little walks to get in the way of your running from now on! ;)

  • Although my Strava cut out my speed seemed to be not much faster (or no faster) really thank average walking speed, but as everyone says, its not about the speed! Good luck for your next run!!

  • Well done! And don't worry about being beetroot, I guess most of us look that way, lol ;) . Sometimes beetroot would be pale compared to me. Anyway, you made it through your session and that's what counts. I know I do better when my mind is otherwise occupied, makes it harder for the gremlins to get a toe hold. Onwards and upwards! :)

  • Beetroot is totally the in colour :) Many of us have had various shades of it :)

    So, very well done you... Week 6 completed !

  • But you did it! And all the better for it not coming easy :)

    Honestly - there are still days I get through a certain point in my run just based on what seems to have become sheer instinct. It's like my legs refuse to listen to my wishes and just trundle on mechanically :)

    I always find the Gremlins cannot stand up to simple logic - and the simplest logic for me when I really want to quit and have 'every excuse' (like just this morning when I miscounted laps and had to run an 'extra' one) to quit is to remember one thing :

    The ONLY choices at any given time are - so I stop running or keep running.

    The 'I' makes the decision - not any gremlin ;)

    You are doing it well Africanali - if it were easy there would be no worth to the Graduation badge. You WILL definitely earn it honestly :)

  • Youre right, thanks, and even if I do have to repeat or take longer, then that's just building fitness. I have to remember back to how it felt to start the first week. I was so excited that I managed a minute. It is an amazing programme. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Well done. You defeated those gremlins and you did it!

  • You did it though, and as many have found week 6 can be a tough nut to crack. I finished the programme a few weeks ago, and like others have found motivation a little difficult to maintain. I've managed to get out running twice this week and re-did wk6 r2 last night in the dark using my nearest Parkrun course - I'd forgotten how bloomin' hard that run was, 10 minutes then a walk then 10 minutes, so don't be so tough on yourself, you will complete this programme

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Thats a good reminder that its about the exercise and fitness, not a competition. Good luck for your next run.

  • Thank you! Parkrun tomorrow morning - let's see how slowly I can get round this week! All the best to you for next week - no more walk breaks, but somehow that is easier, Laura knows her stuff you know!! ;-)

  • Parkrun!! Have a wonderful morning.

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