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First 5K in the bag!


Finished C25K a few weeks ago now and have just been maintaining 3 x 30 minute runs a week.

My mum started her C25K journey a few weeks ago now, and although she has struggled she’s carried on like a trooper! So much so that she’s now on week 6 going onto week 7 and is starting to catch me up!

I’m over the moon and so proud of my mum! But it has given me that extra kick up the bum to start increasing the distance and start getting closer to 5K.

So I went out today determined to do 5K, I planned my route so I knew I’d definitely cover this distance. It felt really daunting at first until I’d completed the ‘new’ part of my run which added the extra half mile to make up my route to 5K.

But I did it! I even changed my route and ended up running up a rather big hill which was challenging but I managed it! I did feel super tired near the end but the thought of reaching 5k kept me going and reminded me how much I enjoy having a goal to achieve each run.

I got to 5k and decided to carry on a little bit further towards my house and ended up running 3.28 miles instead of just 3.1!

Feeling super pleased with myself 😁

Keep going everyone, regardless of which week you are on your doing amazing.

Sending love to you all x

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Congratulations on that first 5k... keep loving that running... I imagine running a 5k with your mum is going to feel amazing!


You have done brilliantly sweetheart, it looks like we are encouraging each other and yes it will be great if we can one day run together, you would have to slow right down for me but I’m sure we would really enjoy it.

I am a very proud mum X

AceitGirlGraduate in reply to Karenshann

You have done ever so well to start it and carry on with it. It always feel so hard at the thought but once started it feels rewarding.

Soon you will be running with your daughter. Keep it up. You are giving me so much energy.

Amazing achievement SN! 👏👏👏 No stopping you and your mum now. Dream team! 😀 Maybe you can start doing parkrun together if you haven’t already? Soooo much fun! 😀🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Awesome achievement. Keep on setting targets it's a great motivational tool


Congratulations and well done. You must be super proud of yourself. Keep it up and am sure you and your mum will be running together soon.

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