W6R3 - An emotional ending to a tricky week :)

Hi All,

Have just had a lovely little time catching up on everyone's progress after a long weekend away. You're all doing marvellously and are my inspiration - well done all!

Well, the first thing on my mind after arriving back home this afternoon was my W6R3... This is weird and unexpected, but I was so looking forward to my run! Desperate to get out there before it got dark, I fired Laura up along with my favourite playlist and headed off to what is now my favourite (and lucky!) canal route.

Ignoring my initial woe as Laura let me know I'd run five minutes (felt sure I mustve been halfway!), I relaxed into my run, plodding along, skidding a little on the muddy path, but focused and determined, overtaking dog walkers and getting into something of a (slow) rhythm. If felt pretty ok and I somehow knew in my head I was going to do it - stopping was not an option!

It's a pretty route and I was distracted by the ducks antics, the sweet names of the boats on the water and other runners and walkers, exchanging smiles as we passed. The run went quickly today and on that last minute burst, encouraged by Laura, I upped the pace just a little to the end. 25 minutes of running achieved - No more slip ups in week 6 thank goodness!

As I walked back home and Laura let me know she reckoned I was a real runner now, I felt like a complete fool as I got a bit choked up! Luckily I was close to home and nobody saw the sweaty red midget leaking a little tear! Wk6 has been an eye opener for me, especially getting to grips with running outside and leaving the treadmill... I can truthfully say, I can't wait for Wk 7, R1 on Wednesday :)

Thank you to everyone for all the encouragement, support and for rooting for me after my failed run 2. You're fab! :)

Nat x


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  • That's really brilliant, Running-Scared! And it sounds like a really cool place to run. Welcome to week 7 where we continue to be real runners and build up our stamina. I'm looking forward to graduating with you lot - but we still have a way to go.

  • Thank you! Great to read about you and PumpKim showing how W7 is done, spurs me on no end! :) Yep, long way to go until graduation, then after that it will be the speed and stamina podcasts for me I'm sure. Think I am much slower than you two, but really have no idea how slow... πŸ™ˆ We're getting there, am happy to be joining you on W7 very soon! Good luck with the rest of this week :)


  • Yes, it spurs me on with you two just behind me as well. I love reading how you're doing and am really happy for you when you report your successes.

  • Well done you! Your canal run sounds lovely and it sounds like you've definitely got the outdoors cracked now.

    Look at us. Real runners! Ha!

  • Ha indeed! If Laura told the truth for me today, she'd have said "you're a real slow jogger now who just about pulled off 25 mins... Don't get cocky!" But that doesn't have quite the same ring to it! ;)

    And outdoors is great now yes, just no hills... Ever! :) Bet it's beautiful where you run too.

    Good luck with R2 x

  • Unfortunately not πŸ˜‚. I'm in urban Leeds rather than the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. My local park leaves a lot to be desired! I'm not far from the canal but getting there involves going down a very steep hill and the thought of coming back up it.... I'm not ready for that!

  • Whereabouts in Leeds are you Kim ? Im originally from Halton Moor :-) xxx

  • I'm near pudsey x

  • Ah, I see... Yep, steer clear of that hill! Honestly, where I live is mostly not great, but the canal is almost exactly a 5 min brisk walk away so I guess I'm lucky ;) The undesirable park might be a good thing... A friend (proper runner!) told me to run like there's a hot guy in front of me and a creepy guy behind me... perhaps chances of both in your park?!! :)

  • This made me think of that zombie run app I've seen people mention. My park is definitely a good backdrop for that πŸ’€

  • I went to university in Leeds. Loved it and loved the countryside. Didn't jog much at the time, lots of walking and the occasional dash for the bus. Good memories though!

  • Ooh, what a lovely post!! That route sounds lovely, so much better than my boring 'around the block' usual. Congrats on achieving this, I don't think it's silly that you got a little misty-eyed, it shows how much this means to you :-) Well done once again :-)

  • Ah, thank you. I did a different 'road' route just after moving back outdoors from treadmill and failed the run after taking on a hill without thinking! This canal route is somehow lucky for me now ;) Good luck with your runs, and enjoy half term! X

  • Lovely post RS !

    Keep going, youre doing great and its amazing the range of emotions we go through on our running journey isnt it ? :-) xxx

  • Thanks Pop, and it certainly is amazing. I quite like my 'angry' runs as well as the weepy ones! I'll be fully bonkers by wk 9 at this rate! :)

  • Ha ha , join the club ! Mind you, I'm in my fifties so it's expected ! :-) xxx

  • Go you!... you see.. you had it in you all the time!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.. we missed you!

    Your post is wonderful.. I can just see you trotting along. ducks dabbling, boats bobbing, you smiling, and determined not to give up.

    I remember the Laura bit about being a real runner... it does choke you... completely wonderful. I actually let out a loud whoop and jumped for joy... so you totally deserve your little tear. You have been so determined to do this.

    So proud of you!

    Looking forward to reading your post on Wednesday...brilliant!

  • Thank you Floss x

    Looking forward to tomorrow's run, though forecast is dreadful rain all day... Haven't run in the rain before, but I know you're a veteran with that personal cloud of yours! Will see how it goes. :)

    Have fun running this week x

  • You'll be fine... once you're wet....!

    I ran today...glad too, as snow forecast here tomorrow....bob sleighing here I come!

    Enjoy your run and looking forward to your post! :) x

  • Lovely post Nat. You're not the only one to get choked up when Laura says those magic words. Very best of luck with the rest of your c25k journey. :)

  • It's funny. When Laura told me I was a real runner now I was like "what?!" "I thought I was a real runner last week when I did 20 minutes!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Great stuff well done :) it is a pretty emotional moment when Laura says that :)

  • Brilliant well done

  • Thank you :)

  • that was a fun read, its so great to hear other peoples experiences are so similar to my own, I absolutely loved week 7, it felt to me that the training wheels were off and I could actually run again, Nat you are going to love it! well done so far xx

  • Thanks Paul :) Actually felt a bit twitchy to get out there today and start W7 a day early! Hopefully with the similar experiences, I'll love W7 same as you did :)

  • Well done. I have my wk6r3 to do now a 8.30pm. I am a bit nervous about 25 mins non-stop but down I know I can do it. Your input really helps. Your experience really helps.

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