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W1R3 - Disaster!!

I recently stumbled across C25k and decided to give it a go. I'm 42 years old, very unfit and have asthma. I really wanted to get fit, lost some weight, and generally feel better about myself. I was nervous about starting week 1 but I bit the bullet and got out there. The first run was AMAZING! I loved it. I couldn't believe how good I felt afterwards. The second run was the same. I was worried that my asthma would let me down but it was fine. Yesterday I completed run 3 and felt OK apart from a slight ache in my calf muscle - until I finished the final run and started the 5 minute walk to cool down and I suddenly felt extreme pain in my calf and ended up limping home totally deflated. I had it checked out by my GP this morning and she has advised not to run again for several weeks. I am gutted.

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Well done for starting the programme, try not to be disheartened. It is far better to rest up and follow the doctor's orders rather than continue and cause more injury which would require longer off from the programme.

Were you running on pavements? I'm on W6 and have done it all outside, the majority of it on pavements. Today I tried running on the grass and found the pain in my shins lessened. My pain isn't too bad and I've applied ice / heat during my rest days and its been fine.

Hang in there, just try and put it in to context, it is FANTASTIC that you have started this but you've got to 42 yrs and classified yourself as unfit so you can't fix it over night. A few extra weeks is nothing, imagine if you'd pushed yourself through W2 and then caused yourself an injury that meant months off. Perhaps use the weeks to do some light excercise at home such as lunges etc to strengthen your legs in preparation for getting back on the horse ??

Good luck with the next few weeks, you'll soon be back on it, have graduated and these weeks will seem like a long time ago ;-)


Horse? Nobody mentioned anything about a horse!


Hi ca66ie99, thanks for your support and advice, much appreciated. Yes, I have been running outside on pavements but mainly on a long flat path that leads from the railway station to the shopping centre, so it's a nice long stretch. I'm determined not to be beaten by this, so I'm going to start doing stretches and some strengthening exercises at home as soon as possible. I'm also going to try some brisk walks 3 times a week until I feel able to start running again. The question is, when is it "safe" to start again? When I no longer feel pain? Or wait x number of weeks? I feel as if I've lost confidence and I know when I start running I'll be worried that the injury might happen again.


Hi Esprit,

Now you are exhibiting the 'winner' attitude! I applaud you. Keep up your focus on success and your quest for good health. This is not easy, for sure, but it is soooooo rewarding. I am 51 years old, and have made it to week 6 so far. I too have what my doctor describes as a 'cranky airway', but truly my body seems to adjust more and more to the increasing physical activity. As my health increases, my oxygen intake has become easier. I believe we are winners in the making and that this program is a life-changer!


Thanks sunnyside. Well done for making it to week 6, that's brilliant! I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself. Yesterday was a lovely day and I SHOULD haver been starting week 2. I was desperate to get out there but instead I had my leg up on the couch with a hot water bottle underneath it. Today I walked 6 minutes to the station and back to/from work and every step hurt. It's so frustrating!


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