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2nd run (disaster), leg pain (long story!) what shall i do??

Have just attempted my 2nd run of week one and it was a disaster. The reason is this (i think) and i could do with some advice on what i should do or try. Here goes:

About 3 yrs ago i was on holiday and walking along the harbour when i stood on a large fishing boat rope and my right ankle turned over. The pain was incredible and i ended up in A&E with a suspected broken ankle which they plastered. An x-ray the following morning showed no break but a bad sprain and lots of soft tissue damage. Since then my ankle has never felt right, is alot weaker than my left one and quite often when im walking it feels like its not where it should be (if that makes sense).

My first run was ok apart from the fact i was conscious of the fact it just didnt feel the same as my left one, i keep looking down at it cos it feels as though its turning under almost, really hard to explain.

So tonight's attempt resulted in a burning sensation through the outside of my lower calf on my right leg only and i couldn't do it, i managed a few 60 second runs but the burning was too much to bear for any longer.

On the way home i stopped at the supermarket and it had been raining and i noticed that only my left leg actually created any splashes on the back of my calf where it was kicking up water, my right calf had no water splashes on it at all as if my foot was working differently.

Should i get it checked again? Is my GP the right place to go?

Thanks in advance!

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You are the best judge of your body and clearly you have felt that it hasn't been 'right' since the incident on holiday. Your GP is in the best position to advise on the type of exercise you do and the best way to strengthen your ankle so that you can have an active life and take part in sports.

The weakness in your ankle could well have triggered the calf pain. It may not have, but it won't do any harm in talking through your concerns with the GP before you continue with the programme.


I was having problems with my foot/ankle. Doctor sent me to an orthopedic place ... ended up buying Dr. Scholls inserts snd they have helped tremendously!!!



It's strange reading your post as I'm in a very similar boat. I turned my ankle over 2 and a half years ago on the ice, and broke it. It was in plaster for 7 weeks, and it took about 2 1/2 months before I could walk without a stick. Altough the bone healed fine, my foot now isn't where it should be (so yes, you make perfect sense to me!). Also, the ligament and soft tissue damage meant that it isn't as flexible as it used to be and it points very slightly outwards.

When I run, I can feel myself running 'funny'. I really pound down on my 'good' leg and my bad one is less bouncy. It's hard to explain. At the start of week 3 it ballooned up and I could hardly walk. My 'good' knee also really hurt as it obviously takes more of a beating than the other one. It honestly felt more paiful than when I broke it. I took nearly 2 weeks off from the running and have been back on the plan for 2 weeks now having just completed week 4. Since I started up again (touch wood) everything's been fine. It still feels funny when I run, but there are no extra pains thaat seem to be ankle related.

I think the difficulty we have is knowing whether the aches and pains we experience are just our muscles reacting to the shock of the sudden interest in running, or whether it is something more. It wouldn't do any harm to get it cheked out by the doctor, I haven't bothered so far as I know I am stuck with my gammy ankle forever, so I just have to get on with it. I would definitely recommend a bit of a rest as it worked wonders for me - especially if you are experiencing pain in between the runs. I think (hope) that in the long run the running should really help us by forcing the ankles to push themselves a bit and strengthen up the muscles.

Sorry I couldn't be more help, but I just thought I'd let you know that I know where you're coming from. Good luck with the program - take it slowly and rest if you need to. And if you have to keep repeating the earlier runs, it doesn't matter at all, I think we will get there in the end!


Thankyou for the advice. Pootlepower, how odd that we both have similar experiences and that you know what i mean by my foot not feeling its in the right place.....glad im not going mad lol.

I will make an appointment and see if i can be referred to a physio i think and see what they think. Its def not right and not just when i run so best get it sorted out i think.

Thanks again.


definatley visit your gp, re the physio, in some areas I think you can self refer which might be an option. though I think they often have waiting lists so second thoughts your gp might be best bet. at least they can (hopefully ) give you a thorough check that there is no lasting problem.

might also be an idea to go somewhere and get your gait analysed if you havent already? they might be able to pick up something there?

i guess its also possible that you might have overcompensated as you were running to try to not put as much pressure on the old injury and maybe had an awkward running gait?

hope you get sorted soon, i would definatley take extra rest days before venturing out again, as pp have said, listen to your body


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