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W1R3 - What a disaster!

Don't really know what happended tonight, set off all excited and feeling good. Got half way through and had a really bad pain, left side of my left ankle going up into my shin! I had to stop and try and stretch it out. I ended up doing alot more walking than I'd banked on. I felt really disappointed, as i hoped that I'd do well on my last run of week 1. Perhaps Im expecting too much of myself...i have only completed one week LOL. I think i will do the run again on Sunday before moving on. Perhaps i need to concentrate on my technique. My husband says i run flat footed!! It is hard to break the habits of a lifetime, but I'm thinking about every step, trying to land on the ball of my foot. Guess lots of you have experienced aches and pains....guess its natural when using muscles that haven't been used for years. Don't want to sound all negative, Im still going for it. Happy running!!. xxxx

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Hi! Whatever you do don't start running again until your ankle is better! The advice that Laura gives about heal striking isn't exactly the best advice. If thats whats made your ankle hurt don't do it. Also don't take any notice of your husband. I kind of land flat footed. It's hard to explain really. Just take it easy and don't push yourself too hard. It's all about gaining stamina at this stage and not at all about speed.


I agree with mark909. The advice I have taken is landing flat on the foot helps avoid ankle and Achilles injury. Some people advocate ball strike, others heel. There is no right or wrong, find what works for you. Get better. Listen to your body and keep running.


Sorry to hear your bad luck. I'm just about to do my third run of week one and I am also feeling some pain. Like you I think that my body is a bit surprised!

I wonder whether it would be worth having a go on a treadmill in a running shop where they analyse your gait. They maybe able to advise you in the right running shoes to correct any problems you may have acquired.

Hope it clears up soon and you are able to carry on.


Hi! Don't loose heart! We all have runs that are disappointing. However, I agree, wait until you are healed to head back out, you don't want to make it worse. Also don't over think your technique, if you have good shoes you should be fine. Good luck and stay motivated!


I started this at the end of September last year (2012). I "graduated" just before Christmas. The first 3 - 4 weeks I had pains in all different places all over my legs - a different pain each run. I carried on and the niggles went. I can now run for 30 minutes - the main part of my battle was mental - once the general fitness aches went away I just had to battle with my head. Keep on going - it's really worth it! Good luck.


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