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Week 7 Run 1 - Disaster

Well that was crap!

Went out for W7R1 - and felt horrible, everything felt wrong. Legs felt heavy, breathing was weird, pace was slooooow and my feet were sore. Ended up walking at about 18 mins!

Can’t run now until Thursday at the earliest.

Not happy

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Maybe you're going down with something..?? Maybe too many Maltesers..?? ;)

Don't get despondent, you managed to run for 18 minutes - not walk for 18 minutes. Some runs are good, some are bad. Maybe we just expect too much of ourselves sometimes.

A run is a run, and you did run.

Throw it away. Keep hydrated, well rested and well fed. Face W7R2 with positivity and take it at a very slow, steady pace. I'm sure it will be completely different.

('ark at me who thinks she knows it all)...!!! ;)

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Thank you - have a bit of a nagging headache today but nothing that I thought would stop me running.

I’m more annoyed that I can’t run now til later in the week, and feel like it’s a wasted chance to get out.

I will re-do Run 1 as soon as I can and then see how that goes.

Thank you! Any Maltesers left?? 😂

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HeadInTheCloudsGraduate in reply to

Maybe that's a sign you're a bit dehydrated..?? I'm always dehydrated, my body doesn't like absorbing water (chocolate yes - water no)..!! 🙄

If you manage to run on Thursday, that's only an extra rest day you've had. I only run 3 times over 7 days. If you are a bit depleted then your body will most likely be glad of the respite. So it's not a wasted day of running, it's a welcome day of rest.

Oldfloss would be saying "Slow and steady wins the race" - and we all know she is right 😊

Sorry, Maltesers squuffed - maybe you should treat yourself to some 😉

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Legs are aching a bit more than usual today, so i think im either coming down with something, or just not 100%, so gonna use it as a chance to have a couple of days rest! Thank you

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Definitely a wise move. Take it easy, hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you :-)

I might see how i feel in the morning, its my brothers wedding tomorrow, and i have to deliver a best man speech - if i can get up at 7am, i might go for a cheeky 2nd attempt, to try and clear the head! :-)

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How did I miss this reply..?? 🙈

Did you manage the cheeky run..?? Did the speech go well..?? And are you feeling better..??

... what an odd day to get married 🤔

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Haha it’s ok. Ok in order...

No - i never managed the run (nor today...hangover💩)

The speech went great - plenty of smut - well received.

Yes feeling better - headache not assisted by Whiskey!

& Yes - very odd day to get married - 3 days off work though 👍🏼

Hope your ok?

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HeadInTheCloudsGraduate in reply to

Self induced additional rest days then 😉 Not a bad thing in my book..!!

Glad it all went well 😊

Good luck with the next run ... I'll be watching out for your post..!!

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This sort of thing happens! And going for 25 minutes continuous run is challenging. This counts as practise, try again on Thursday and it will be better! Don't beat yourself up, everybody has bad days!

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Thank you - I’m trying to look at the positive now and still relatively happy at running for 18 mins, so I won’t get too down about it. Thank you

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Don't be beating yourself up about it @Scott33 you ran for 18 minutes and that's still a great achievement. Take the extra rest day, get yourself back out there on Thursday.

You can do this, don't be disheartened by a run that didn't go as planned ...

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I feel a bit better about it today, thanks Christine. I posted that on my warm-down walk, where i felt a bit miffed, whereas now im appreciating the 18 mins wasnt too bad considering i felt a bit cack anyway! Thank you

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