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Didn't realise I was a Potato!!

I am Spud and I am a Potato................

After always being reasonably active (being able to do 45 minute Spinning classes, play squash, golf, the odd run etc) I I didn't consider myself to be a "Couch Potato".

I have always though, thought of myself as being useless at running, having always having to intermittantly stop & walk! I didn't know if this was mental or physical but didn't enjoy running at all. And this frustrated me as I know running does me good!

I, therefore, decided to give the Couch to 5k a go to see if a structured programme could help me improve.

I thought the first walk / run looked relatively easy (and will have to admit, considered skipping a week or two) - but I did my first one yesterday and was surprised that I did the same distance I have done previously in just about the same time as when I used to go out for a "run"!!!

Which dismayed me a little!!!

I therefore had to admit that I must be a Potato and need this programme!

Will hae to admit, I actually quite enoyed the structure of the C25K session though - so am going to push on inspired by some of your blogs & comments about your achievements.

Good Luck to everyone doing this

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You don't sound like a spud to me. I do think though this running game is a game of two halfs. The mind and the body. You sound like you have the body, but need to conquer the mind bit. I'm sure you will love it. I'm not a natural runner but even I'm hooked.


Welcome to the world of ex couch potatoes Spud, its a smashing situation to find yourself in even at my time of life. The only reason I decided to learn to run was because I couldn't run 100 yds to catch my bus!! That was 1 year &1 week ago, now I can run 5K in a pretty reasonable time and have even done a 10K too. It is a body and mind thing but an earlier blog of mine proved that you can trick your mind into doing what you want your body to do. So if you start to find that your mind is saying things like "I can't do this" change your route, change the time of day you run, but don't give up which I know you won't. Wishing you all the best and look forward to hearing how you get on too.


Well done Spud !! I'm the same as you, I enjoy spinning classes, go to zumba and dance classes which all last 45 - 60 mins but I have never been able to run. It doesn't help that my dad and three brothers have all run marathons and bug me about doing it.

My friend talks about going to run to think about problems and solutions - the only thought in my head is how much pain I'm in !!

This year I was determind to run 5K somehow. I came a little late in the year having dodged it for a while but googled running back in June / July and found this. I read posts for a few weeks and eventually decided to give it ago.

I was the same as you, I looked at the first couple of weeks and thought I'd be able to do it. To be honest I managed weeks 1-3 relatively easily and was just getting slightly cocky in my thinking when I hit W4 !! Completed it but had to push myself more than I've done so in a while. It hasn't got easier since then although we're running further so I'm not sure its gonna. Guess if I went back and repeated week 4 now I might find it easier than I did at the time.

In terms of running I was most definately a potato - tell me to do a run and I would have found every excuse under the sun !! Since starting the plan I have managed to do 3 runs every week fitting them around my shift work. I even managed to complete a run after getting in at 3am after a night out (granted not the best preparation but normally the only place you'd find me was the sofa !!)

Good luck with the rest of the plan. I wouldn't say I'm loving it although I can see the plan works, I'm certainly loving it when I've finished the runs !! ;-)


I'm the same as you Spud and ca66ie99 - LOVED spin and body combat; went to both on a weekly basis up until about 3 months ago and could really push myself, but had never been able to run the length of myself!

I start week 6 on Thursday and while I find it challenging (my most recent run the most yet), I am determined to keep going.

The structure and in particular the blogs are immeasurable in their help with motivation! Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Another "same as you" here. I started this to learn to run after trying to run to the gym to avoid the rain and finding I couldn't go very far without running out of puff. It was a shock to see how unfit I felt.

I also do classes (Body combat, attack, balance and pump) and have found it a challenge to fit everything in. So about 3 months on I'm still mucking about with week 2. I need to buckle down and devote some time to it. My gym has helped me out there recently by cancelling half of my favourite classes :-( I just need to find a new schedule for myself and stick with it.

It seems to me that particular types of exercise only really help you get fit to do those particular exercises. Sadly I'm not often asked to pull off a "grapevine" or "roundhouse kick" in daily life.

Thanks for posting this.


Many thanks for the responses - glad to hear I am not the only one who seems to have a fitness "block" about running!!

Week1 is now complete & I actually enjoyed it!!

I seem to have had a complete "mindset" change - I used to beat myself up for walking in between the running bits - with this programme, I am treating the walking as part of the exercise and am actually quite looking forward to the running bits!!

Working long days in London next week and actually tried to change my hotel to one with a treadmill but was unable to - so finding time to run will be an effort - but in my mind I think I'll be doing late evening runs round the Heathrow fences!!!

Determine to do it though - still concerned as to whether I'll be able to step up to the longer runs though


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