Pot belly potato to a hot potato

I started Couch to 5k during the Christmas holidays. I didn't realize there was this whole community out here. So it took me a while to actually get out there the first time. I did the first two runs and mentioned it to my sister, who lives in US. I called it Coach Potato to 5k. So we've been keeping each other going. It sure helps having a community of support out there. Now, I've got even more! I'm hoping to get rid of my pot belly and improve my lung function by learning to run again. I stopped running over 30 years ago, and hope I can get the joy back.

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  • Good to see you chip in.

  • Thanks. I've survived to week 7 by keeping my eyes peeled when running on the side of those country roads -- pot holes and verge huggers.

  • Get your jacket off and start running :)

  • I'm slower than a plate of cold mash, but I'm keeping my eyes on the prize!

  • At least starting in winter you won't be boiling!!!

    (Sorry tried hard not to waffle........) ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Looks as if the couch has had its chips...

  • You could even post videos of your progress, assuming you are a You Tuber.

  • Ha ha. You lot make me laugh so much! Tee hee

    Glad you joined the party Jo! Have fun!

  • You tuber! Hahaha... Love it! I think I just burned some carbs laughing. Thanks for the great welcome. :)

  • Welcome!! I am doing weight loss along side running too - my best advice is don't forget that diet is about 90% responsible for weight so try to avoid too many treats to reward those awesome runs. Soooo hard not to though!! I keep bananas and 100-cal chocolate protein shakes around - half of one of those before and the other half after helps me not to overdo the post run congratulatory treats. Enjoy running!

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