My road from a couch potato to a 5km runner :)

My road from a couch potato to a 5km runner :)

10 days ago I decided to change from a couch potato to a runner ...

What motivated me was quit simple... I love walking, but every time I try to speed up just a little bit I go out of breath so quickly!!! It makes me feel am twice or even three times my age, which isn't a pleasant feeling at all!!! So I decided to start my road to become a runner .

As usual, I had to google it to have a plan and feedback from people as unused to exercise as me (am not proud of it but I always hated exercising :s ...). Lucky me, I found a simple and good plan to start running for complete beginners like me. At first, I told my self I ll give it a try but for sure it wont work . The thing is, it is only the second week but I already feel the benefit.

The first week was the hardest one. I was supposed to run 8 times during 60 seconds and between each one I could walk for 90sc to have some rest. It sounds easy, but it wasn't! Each running interval seemed as the longest 60sc of my life, and each walking seemed as the shortest 90sc of my life . But, nevertheless, I just couldn't quit so early, and I did it three times that first week ... The good part is after each exercise I felt so proud of my self and that what motivated me to keep it up ....

What made me write this post, is the improvement I felt today. It is my first run of the second week. This time I had to run 6 times during 90 seconds and between each one I had to keep walking for 2 minutes to have some rest. As I found it already hard to run for 60sc: the first 4 runs were bearable but finishing the whole exercise was so hard to me!! I told my self running for 90sc would be just impossible. Surprise!!! It was quit easy!!! Even easier than first week and much less pain and tiredness after it!!

Feeling this improvement made me wanna share the training am following to become a 5km runner in just 9 weeks. At the end of this post you'll find a link with a plan, feedback from people following it just like me, and audio podcast that are just amazing. I highly recommend using those podcast cause they really help during the exercise with some music, time indication, motivation speech and also running tips.

I'll keep up the updates as much as I can. If you are a couch potato just like me, I hope you'll try to get out and start this training, it is just amazing.

Last but not least, try to pick a nice place for running it really helps


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  • Well done for starting the program. I'm on my third week now and really looking forward to it.

  • Thanks @Ryansson good luck for you... I cant wait till I'll reach the end of this training :) .. Feeling excited :)

  • Er... Safataf we're all already doing C25k or have already finished it! That is what this forum is for. Glad that you're enjoying it though and that you're feeling the benefit! Well done and keep it up : )

  • Haha, Jany - read this too and thought the same! Perhaps Safataf assumed this was a general blog site? Who knows?

    Anyway welcome Safataf to the C25K forum, enjoy all of Laura's challenges, and keep us posted about your personal fitness campaign. There are hundreds of people on here all with fascinating experiences and hints and tips for any times you have any kind of struggling issues with the programme. You should find that your lung power/fitness improves around week three or four - several asthmatics have found this - and some of them ARE probably twice or three times your age! Good luck. ;) Cheers, Linda

  • Hi Linda,

    That's really kind of you. I'm really happy to see all the encouragements I found here. It's very helpful and motivating to know that you are all here to help beginners like me. Thanks again, Safa.

  • Hi @Jany.

    Actually I wrote this post elsewhere first then I knew about this forum. I found it interesting to share my thoughts with people who are going through or already finished the training to have some feedback and maybe help those still hesitating. I thought first about deleting the part introducing the training plan but I wanted to be able to share the blog post to a larger audience too.

    Thanks for the encouragement :)... I'm really enjoying it ... Looking forward to finish the 9 weeks :)

  • Anyone promoting C25K is absolutely brilliant! I think everyone should do it so I hope your blog gets read by those who might be a bit further afield.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on! X

  • Thanks Jany, I'm really enjoying the C25K training that I want everyone to join me :) ... LOL I'll almost start to talk about it to people in the street... Thanks again...

  • Congratulations on finding us Safataf. Keep running and keep blogging, you'll get lots of support here. (I'm one of the ancients) :-)

  • Thanks a lot @runningmam. I kind of start to feel "home" here after all the nice replies I got from my first blog. I'll for sure keep running and blogging cause am enjoying both so much. Thanks again :).

  • Welcome to C25K and all the best with your programme. Those woods look a nice place to run.

  • well done on joining couch to 5k!

    i'm just about to start week 8 and although i find am knackered during the run section (25 mins) am carrying on and look forward to the next days running!

    keep up the good work.

  • Hi, congratulations and good luck, it gets harder, then easier, then harder but the feeling is the best in the world and then you look back and can be really proud, after this there is the stepping stones to improve your speed and stamina and Laura is always there with encouragement, advice and music I am just starting out on week 3 so will be with you every step of the way too :-)

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