Starting running again after 5 months. Where do I start?

I followed the c25k a year and a half ago and graduated. I felt so proud of myself and continued running for nearly a year. However, after my mum died suddenly a few months ago I stopped. I miss it though and am determined to get back into running as I found it not only made me fitter, but happier too. My question is where do I begin again? The thought of starting on week 1 of the programme is depressing but I also know that my level of fitness has dropped greatly. What would be the best way of getting back into running safely as now 50 year old couch potato? Any suggestions please


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  • Sort of snap though I stopped for far less understandable reasons: I ran (we'll jogged) alone and just got bored-bored with my route, bored with the music, and bored by not having anyone to keep me on the programme.

    I donned my trainers on Boxing Day and did week 1, the next day did week 2 and today did week 3. I found week 3 doable but only just so am going from here.

    Taking. Day off tomorrow as I ache. Would like to get back to 20 mins by the end of Jan but am not sure I will manage that, especially once I am back at work as then finding time is so hard...dark when I leave for work, dark when I get home ;0(

    Good luck restarting and condolences for your loss

  • Sounds like a good approach. Thank you :-)

  • Yes I think I would start by doing week1 and if it is okay do wk2 next time and so on, repeating as needed. - but think once you get to 20 mins should then follow the programme as it is. I had a 4 week break and was surprised how much stamina I had lost physically and mentally, so go easy on yourself. Good luck.

  • I think I'll try your suggestion. Thank you for your advice :-)

  • I'm in a similar position, although it's only been a few months for me. I got as far as completing week 7, then had a knee injury (unrelated to the running) that keep me not running for 3 weeks. I started back at week 5, did one run. I did something to my achilles tendon which kept away for a few more weeks and in that dime developed arthritis in my toe that has effective stopped me running since September. I've noticed that even in that time, my fitness has gone down to the point where I'm out of breath going up two flights of stairs - I'm approaching 50 and haven't exercised since school, so it's not that big a surprise. I'm going out for a trial run on Monday and starting at week three. If that works, I'll try week four on Wednesday. Essentially, trial and error will find you to level to work from :-) Best wishes and many condolences.

  • Ouch! I know what you mean about losing fitness...I get out of breath so quickly since I stopped running. I am looking forward to trying to get back into it and into shape (if I'm lucky). Good luck on your trial run. I am going to re-download the podcasts and perhaps try week 2 today or tomorrow and see how it goes.

  • I stopped running last September, after running for 7 months - due to apathy, lack of time/prioritising, etc. I started back yesterday and went straight into week 3, and was shocked at how out of breath I got. However, it was doable, but I'm going to do that week 1 more time, then try week 4 etc. Am paranoid about getting injured, as I know how fed up I will feel, so will be really listening to my body and taking care. Feels really good to be back running! Good luck for you too!

  • Well done for starting again. After graduating I found I lost some of the momentum and sense of challenge that I had had on the programme. Like you it also became harder to fit in with life. Good luck!

  • Chipstick, you are so right. I did the C25K first time after a fairly big op so had a huge incentive. I was fit enough to find a walking holiday, 20 or so miles a day, really easy. But afterwards...well, I run alone as I live only with my grown-up kids, and with work and stuff, and the colder weather, I sort of fell out of the routine.

    I need an incentive but currently don't have one, or not one that is enough really as I am a very slow jogger so won't be joining any clubs or signing up for any club runs...I would come last by miles.

  • I was/am a lone runner too and like you found running in the colder weather more of a challenge. I joined a gym last winter to encourage me to keep going in the bad weather but found the treadmill quite boring. I am thinking of signing up for a 5k fun run which coincides with the anniversary of my Mum's death as an incentive to get back to running. I hope EustacuaVye, that you find the incentive to start again...while I'm planning to get back up and running, I haven't managed to make a start yet...hopefully very soon!

  • Just going to start from scratch again after not running for six months. I had reached 5k. I am 60 and my job involves no exercise so my fitness is not great. How did you get on?

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