Week 4 run 1

Poor notpheidippides has an infection and isn't well enough to run today. Bless him though for taking me to the park. I thought...Saturday ...lots of teenagers till np reminded me that they sleep till lunch time...whew! As I started running the hail began but I had already determined that come what may I was going to complete the run. The park was beautiful; lots of daffodils, and cherry blossom covering the paths as for a wedding. Only dog walkers and a couple of prams around. How often do dogs need walks I asked myself?

I thought it would be harder without np to accompany me but strangely it was better...just me and my thoughts. Can't wait for Monday now. It will be very early I might even arrive before the dogs!

I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm not pushing myself as hard as I should? Otherwise why should I get through this run without any appreciable discomfort? Laura talked about stitch....none. I don't ache anywhere either. When Laura said it's the last minute before the end I increased my speed a little because I thought I had some go left! What should I do? I keep in mind Greenlegs motto "slow and steady" but wonder if there's too slow and steady?


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12 Replies

  • It's funny - I was rabbit in the headlights with regard to week 4. but I did R1 - and was slightly surprised it was ok. R2 I wondered about the stitch - and nearly convinced myself to have one. So R3 tomorrow - and I am really looking fwd to it. I love running with my own thoughts and not having to think about another runner - but I do wonder if it makes me slack off a bit. So with laura's encouraging words I keep going. I think the important point is we are out there doing it.

    So I start week 5 on tues - i find this slightly surprising to have got this far -in what feels like a short space of time - but I am not daunted by this - - just optimistic that i think it is achievable because everything has been achievable so far.

    so keep at it and we can compare notes next week 0n week 5:-)

  • Thanks Suzybenj Hope week 5 goes well. I'll be starting that next Friday! Getting ahead of myself aren't I?

  • Hi! Sounds like you are really enjoying your running; feel sorry for NP, hope he's better soon (just had to look up what his name means, long ago secondary education let me down in the Greek legend side!) ;-)

    If you are achieving the runs comfortably and are doing about the distance you would expect then maybe you could push a bit more... but surely this program is about getting to the end in one piece feeling fitter and healthier and with a positive mindset re exercise (and you are certainly doing all of these!) so why not just enjoy and celebrate your successes! I'm sure once you get to the longernon stop runs you may feel it a bit more, but maybe you have started from a better place than most of us! :-)

  • Ha! Most definitely not, Poppy! I'm 66, had never run since I was in primary school except to play netball and stand in goal for hockey! I've been obese from age 30 till the end of last year (from June to December lost 3 stones and another half stone this year).

  • Well done on another run. Whatever you do, keep enjoying yourself. The important thing is you're outside and moving. You're building on your fitness and, more importantly, your confidence that YOU CAN DO IT. Go faster, go slower...just keep enjoying it, and know that your achievement is down to nothing but your own efforts.

  • You are really doing well! Sorry that notpheidipides (which I keep trying to say as pheidippidides - extra syllable) isn't feeling so good at the moment - get well soon np!

    Nothing wrong with going a bit faster if you want to - if it still feels good that's great - and if it doesn't, you'll know what to come back to! I suspect that I am somewhat lazy, and could push myself quite a bit harder - but then again, that might just make me give up, which would be worse than being slow! (Also, since graduation I have done several shorter, faster runs, which I have quite enjoyed, but don't feel I could sustain that faster pace for longer than 5 or 10 minutes.)

    Most important bit - keep on running, and smiling too!

  • Thank you greenlegs. I was smiling this morning :-) well still am actually :-)

  • Well done and don't worry about not feeling any aches and pains or suffering from stitch! Revel in your new-found fitness.Shows that you're doing well and the programme's working. Hope NP gets better soon. :-)

    As for getting to the park before the dogs... I'd give up on that count. Gives you some interest as you're going round the park. ;-)

  • Some dog walkers are up very early before work, others go after school run. It sounds like you are doing well, keep going as you are, the difficulty will increase soon enough and you will be in good condition by the sound of it :)

  • You sound like you are doing absolutely marvellously! Your park sounds beautiful too x keep going and enjoying x

  • Hey well done! I love the sense of achievements when you finish a run!

    I do week 4 run 1 tomorrow. Finding I'm half looking forward to it though....

  • Lovely to hear all about your success without stress, yes, that must mean that your body is doing everything right. Hope NP is well soon. Agree with others re the 'to push or not to push' question ... do what you feel comfy with, with the added confidence that you have that choice. Maybe speed one run and distance another run...? Whatever you decide, your lovely positive attitude will carry you onwards. Lots of luck for your next outings, keep smiling :D

    Cheers, Linda x

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