Week 4 Run 1 - I Survived!

Looking at the other blogs, I can see that I am not the only one who started week 4 today, it's so good to read how people are coping with the same challenges!

Anyway, I was pretty frightened this morning when I started my podcast and Laura announced the intervals, but I did manage them in the end, albeit with some rather slow running. This was probably my hardest run so far since the first time I tried week 1 and I probably wouldn't have been able to do it if I hadn't managed to get out in the cooler morning air (instead of a while after lunch as I sometimes do on more disorganised days).

Even so, I saw that I had reached a whole new level of red in the face when I arrived home! In the last 5 min run, I wasn't in any pain, but my body just felt very tired - as though I had little energy left to expend. Somehow I managed to keep going with what would hopefully be classed as a run even though there were probably woodlice on the track overtaking me.

I really hope that this podcast feels a bit easier next time! I was considering stepping up my runs to alternate days instead of having both Thurs and Fri off running as I do at present. Now I am torn between wanting to run more often so it doesn't feel so hard when I do, but also being slightly apprehensive about another run that takes it out of me as much as this one did! Really shouldn't complain though because both the weather and my knees held out and I survived!


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8 Replies

  • Hi big-momma! Thank goodness you survived - I'm pleased about that! I have had to go back a couple of weeks and did my W4R1 [again] yesterday too. My very slow running could not have been any quicker than my brisk walking I'm sure, but at least I managed to keep going. I should be doing R2 tomorrow but I have a back back at the mo which jarred with every step. I will probably do S&F 4 tomorrow instead.

    My Mum died last week and we held the funeral last Tuesday. I think that is now making me feel tired more than anything. But I did enjoy a lovely run in the open air yesterday. I think you should do the runs that are comfortable for you and not risk over tiring or injuring yourself. You'll get there if you listen to your body and don't over do it! GOOD LUCK to you! Pleased the knees held out for you this time!

  • Oh Beek, I am so sorry to read about your mum. As long as you are gentle on yourself, I think that a run in the fresh air can be quite comforting. I never want to go out to run when I am stressed, but always feel a bit better afterwards. Your bad back sounds like the last thing you need, but you seem very determined. I am sure that redoing some of my runs has helped me to avoid further injury so far too. We are virtually at the same point again which although I am sad that you have had a rough time, I am happy to have my salad buddy back. I am still a running tomato! Take care, Emily x

  • Tomorrow I have to be up very early to move some bee hives to Harewood House where I am helping teach on a beekeeping course on Sunday. So - no running tomorrow or Sunday. I could do with finding some back strengthening exercises. Must laugh about salad runners! Thinking about you, Linda

  • Good luck with the teaching and the lifting! Sounds as though you are keeping busy. I wonder if one day the beetroot and tomato will blossom into runner beans!

  • stick to your plan if it is working for you, why change it? You have come on such a long way and each week brings a new challenge. Enjoy the next week and have a good weekend :-)

  • Thank you. Hope that you have a good weekend too. My running days have got a bit mixed up already. If I have a two day break I will be back to normal, but I don't feel as though I have earned it after having a long break last week for my little girl's birthday. May just see how I feel on Sun, but I see what you are saying about if it ain't broke and all that! :)

  • Well done on week 4. I've just returned from it and could have written your blog more or less word for word! I hate to think what my speed was, but I DID keep running! Good luck with the rest of the week, and see you on week 5! :)

  • Well done to you too! You are brave being able to think about Week 5 straight after a Week 4 run! I still find it hard to believe that I will ever be able to run for even 10mins, but I do really hope so! Hope that your other runs this week go well! :)

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