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W1R2 Ready (retrospective)

Second run. I'm still trying to get the route to an acceptable distance with not too many cars around. I'm quite sure that I prefer running on concrete, so I'm using a map to try and plot where I've been and better plan the route. Google maps is helpful, especially with streetview.

I pushed myself a little more this time and definitely felt the difference, but want to measure how far I've been, so I can compare it with my future self.

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Since you're using an Android you might like an app called GPSTracker, it just records where you've been and you can see the route in Google maps.

There's lots of other apps that do a similar thing if you find you don't like it.


I've just finished W1 R3 and loved it, I have downloaded the free version of Endomondo and tried it for the first time tonight. It tracked my route, showed total distance, duration, average speed, fastest and slowest lap (although didn't quite understand the lap bit!). it may be worth a try. Good luck.


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