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Ready? go!

I never enjoyed running at school - I was always one of those ones lagging far behind, and cutting corners. But in the last couple of years I have done literally a couple of jogs, and suprised myself with how far I've gone.

But I never did it regularly - I've always wanted to. It took me until early last year before I decided that I was actually going to, sometime in my life, do a marathon - or at least a half marathon! It then took me until about May or June last year till I actually got round to reading lots of advice, go to a local shop, and after some brilliant guidance, buy some trainers.

They sat unused until last week.

I started off with the aim of getting round the block on a openly planned route. I went at what felt like a good pace, and cut my jog short because my legs had turned to jelly!

My plan so far has been to increase my distance gradually, adding about 20% when I feel comfortable with the new distance... or time...

I found C25K today, and was v. v interested in it because of the podcasts. I've seen many plans, but I can never be bothered following them because they're online, and you either have to print them off (meaning you have to carry a bit of paper with you), or memorise it (which means you can't concentrate on actually running). I've downloaded all of the podcasts.

Against advice I'm going for where I personally feel comfortable. But why not? If I can already run for 8 minutes with no walking as a warm-up, why should I go back to the start.

On Sunday I went out for a 3km run. Again, i went a shorter distance and walked a bit of it. In total it took me 15 minutes, 10 of it jogging.

Looking at the info on the podcasts, I'm going to be starting with W5R2. ie, 5 min walking, 8 min running, 3 walking, 8 running, 5 walking.

We'll see how I get on... I'm planning to go out later tonight...

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Good for you at getting started... I also looked for a way to start running and I liked this programme with the podcasts to tell you when to start and stop.

Good luck with your run, let us know how you get on!!


So great in getting started! We are all different ages and fitness levels, find what will work for you and go for it! Best wishes!


Thankyou both for your encouragement :)

I'm back, showered and mapped my route on mapmyrun and calculated distances that I ran/jogged/walked... (roughly - oh I would love a gps! :P )

Will post an update here and also on my blog - ironically it's!!


HectorsHouse, great job on getting started!! Sometimes, the very hardest steps to a run are the ones that get us off of the couch and out of the door!! It is time to put those trainers to use!!

I do hope that your run goes very well for you!! I do want to throw in a bit about my understanding of how this program works. It is the interval training, or the run/walk/run/walk process that actually trains your body not only to recover, but to eventually begin to do it as you run. It isn't just about how far you can run at one time. Often times, runners have reported (myself included) that the long runs with no walking intervals are actually easier than the interval training. I don't want to discourage your jump into the middle of the program, but I want to be sure that your body learns all of the necessary steps to being able to continue to run even after the program is over.

Keep Running!!


Thanks for that smhall.

Good points about recovery times - I never considered the recovery like that. Maybe I could use week 1 as good interval training? It's a possibility.


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