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Park Run: am I ready?


ok I've done week nine 5 times so technically I think I can now run 5k. So this Saturday I need to do Park Run to achieve my original objective. But apparently there's quite a steep hill on the route - urgh! - plus it will just be very different running with other people and I fearI may be put off by all the super-fit people streaming past me (I've seen them!). I am still pretty slow. I know Park Run is supposed to be inclusive and uncompetitive but I feel quite nervous about it. Advice?!?!?

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I totally get your nerves. I also feel that way about doing my first parkrun. I should do it on Saturday but I am scared. How rediculous do I sound, I know! I can do the distance as I have covered it in my training runs but it is all those people that seems to overwhelm me. Our local parkrun can have 700+. Where would I stand in the queue to start. Obviously not at the front, maybe at the back? So many questions.......

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Yes! And not starting too 'fast' under pressure from everyone else. I'm having my hair cut at 11 so I can't take more than 90 mins, but my (very supportive) niece pointed out that I could crawl 5k in that time!! Well we'll both have to make our debut this weekend and then compare notes.

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My advice would be to start at the back. It can be demoralising if everyone rushes past you at the start so that's best avoided. Equally it's very satisfying if you can go past someone in front of you. If you know which parkrun you're going to do it might be worth checking out the NHS Couch to 5k club on the parkrun website and see if there are any other C25kers that run that particular one. You can then contact them on the Beyond C25k facebook page for a bit of support on the day. Whatever, give it a go....

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ooo I like the idea about contacting other C25kers. Thanks


Firstly, the answer to your title = YES!

Provided you can walk/run/crawl 5k then you are ready!

People have this image of elite athletes at Parkrun but it just not like that. There will be people at the front completing in 17 minutes, but they are equally supportive of the person who comes in at 58 minutes. Many wait to make sure they congratulate those who finish last. there is such a good atmosphere.

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that's really good to know. thanks


I have done parkrun in over 45 minutes.

And many people walk.

Edit: forgot to add, start at the back. If you are faster you can always pass people. After a few runs you will get a feel for where you need to be. It is better pyscologically to be passing people than being passed.


I've never got further than week 5 - but I'm working on it again now!

I did a parkrun about a year ago, in about 45 mins using my podcast then restarting it to complete the course. My local parkrun is very popular and the times are varied from 17 mins to over an hour.

Just do it, the atmosphere is great! I'm planning to do my c25k podcasts at my local parkrun course (in the dark) from wk 3 onwards to get me back into the mindset that I can do it with my head held high :)


My main problem is tackling hills. It always breaks me and the two times I had to stop was due to steep inclines.

I am doing the Mo Run on 6 November but this is flat, however I want to do the Sunderland Park Run but fear the hills will end up breaking me. What's the best way to train for hills?

My son has done several Parkruns in various locations and they all have the same friendly inclusive atmosphere. People run/walk as they need to and nobody is thought the less of- they are wonderful. We are in the happy position of being near several so perhaps you might find one without the hill?

As Laura says, sometimes the challenge is a mental one. Go for it!


Well doogaloo are you running today? I am up and dressed ready. I sit here nervously awaiting the next 10 minutes before I walk up to parkrun. Feeling scared which is bonkers. Scared of the unknown I guess. Hopefully I will have good things to report later!

hope it went ok. i did my run. 250th out of 250, but hey. AWful hills. but don't think i will be nervous next time. how did it go for you?

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