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Thank you to those who commented on my first blog post on Monday, very much appreciated and inwardly digested the advice given!

Well yesterday was a sharp reminder as to why the Army kicked me out all those many moons ago! This time yesterday I was not doing round 2 today regardless of what anyone could have said to me!

Tonight however, Olli (the dog) was looking mournfully at the car so off we went to the woods where I did the first run. There's not many people go through the woods or it's big enough to not have to bump into people whilst looking like a sweaty breathless heap! That's not the only reason I've chosen that area to do my running in, it's all 'off road' i.e. no tarmac/pavement running which is what killed me off when I was in the army (that and wearing boots, bergen and webbing!), mud and grass at least has a little bit of natural cushioning in for ye olde joints!

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with myself this evening. I did some reading up on breathing techniques and tried to belly breathe as much as possible - it was easier tonight. I didn't get the stitch I got on Monday, I wasn't gasping for breath half way round like I was on Monday, and whilst I wasn't the most co-ordinated of runners I think I was a little more relaxed about it which probably helped the most.

I can't say I've enjoyed the running so far, but I have enjoyed the self-satisfaction that so far this week I have managed to run for 16 whole minutes! I'm not sure I'll ever enjoy the actual running, especially not whilst it feels like my joints are colliding with each other and trying to settle themselves in to a natural rubbing pattern. I'm hoping that as I lose weight and build muscle that the collision of the bones become less (preferably before my cartilage does one!).

Anyways two out of three aint bad or so Meatloaf reckoned! Rest day tomorrow then third attempt on Friday - that is, if I can figure out how to get the podcast onto my android phone as I've just swapped from an iphone this evening (my reward for doing the run was to sit and fiddle with my new phone - sad aren't I?!)

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Congratulations on getting out there this week, often the hardest part. Sound like you've chosen a great location.

Sounds like a fantastic reward, techie geek here also :-)


Thanks for your reply, it is a fab location - it's specifically for dog walking so i can have Olli off the lead whilst I run knowing he's safe :-)

Just getting to grips with new phone (samsung galax note ii) - takes a bit of getting used to does android!


Well done! I'm a few weeks further on from you and still can't say I like the running but I LOVE the sense of achievement and being able to set goals and reach them. I harbour this hope that as the running becomes easier, I will enjoy it for its own sake- we'll see. I definitely feel better for it and although I'm not trying to lose weight have lost a titchy little bit. good luck and keep us posted x


Thanks for your reply :-) I cling on to easier running too!


The joints and muscles will get stronger / better with time. There may be days where the joints hurt and if they do, don't run, rest until they are better.

My knees still hurt now and I just rest until they are ok. I should also recommend taking a look at the strength and flex part of this site as it is quite useful for building up core strength.

You have made a great start and you will get lots of support from this site.

all the best to you. :-)


Thanks for your reply, I am really surprised and chuffed that people are so welcoming and supportive on here, it's useful to read how others have managed so I can hopefully take bits from everyone to create my own style :-)

If I rested until the pain was gone I'd never get out of bed again! I take 27 tablets per day to manage pain from Hypermobility Syndrome (or Ehlers Danlos III whichever you prefer to call it). I'll be doing some strength work alongside the running but am unlikely to need any flexibility work given that all my joints move in the wrong directions from being frozen cold never mind warmed up!


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