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Well that's week one run two done. Hope I'm not lining myself up for a fall here but I surprised myself a wee bit, that's both nights I've not been out of breath, sweated more tonight but I was expecting to be huffing and puffing like an old steam train. Do you think that it's because I'm cycling? I felt like I could've done another couple of 60 seconds but given the great advice I've already been given on here I'm just following Laura and not deviating from the plan. She knows much better than I do. Think I already realise that a new cushioned pair of shoes is needed. Saying all that I was passed and left in the dirt by several proper runners lol. Only thing I've been feeling different is the inner tops of my thighs are feeling slightly tender but I'm putting that down to using muscles I don't normally use while cycling, or ever before . Maybe I should've had a nights rest between the runs rather than 25 miles mountain biking last night 🙈🙈 I'm determined to carry on with this and hopefully get to the 5k target 😄

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Well done Lochie, I am only on week 4 but remember first week, as you say if you are already cycling you should have more stamina than someone like me who only does a zumba class and walks to work prior to starting, it's funny how everyone feels the pain in different part of legs mine was (still is) the calf, although I do have tight tendons,

Keep going I'm surel you I'll reach your goal! 😀

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Hi Lochie68 I am on wk1 also. I have cycled all my life until the last 2 years. I bought a bike which I don't like and have recently gone back to cycling but found it very difficult to do hills. I get breathless and have had to get off and push on the hill near my house (more of an incline really). I was surprised how hard it was to get back into so I think you are doing very well. I do my R2


Wk1r2 tomorrow and hope the cycling will get easier as I progress with the running. Good luck with yours


Hidden hi, thanks for your reply, I'm happy to hear from someone who's at the same stage and hopefully we'll be progressing at about the same pace 😄 As I've said I'm the opposite from you and only started cycling about two years ago. 1st year only in the house on excersise bike then decided to be more adventurous and actually get outside. I then bought a road bike first then a MTB for the winter. Between the three of them I'm at just under 9000 miles. I still struggle on hills but I've given up worrying after a very helpful stick thin colleague stated when I said I was still struggling with hills "Andrew it's just basic physics, the larger the mass the more effort it takes to project it up a hill" suppose it the most intellectual way I've ever been called fat!! 😂😂 lastly I would say if you don't like your bike if possible change it. You'll never grow to like it. There's a great second hand market now for both selling and buying bikes. If you're in the position to buy a new one personally I can't see past Halfords, maybe not everyone's cup of tea but the advice and customer service I've had from the one in Braehead, Glasgow has been excellent. Good luck and I'll keep me updated with your progress


I used to really enjoy cycling and found it 'easy' but it's my size that has made it less enjoyable. I will think about a new bike though. I bought a ladies frame and it just doesn't seem right and outs strain on my knees


Hidden i know what you mean. It was the excersise bike that shifted enough weight to allow me to then actually cycle outdoors. The one thing I meant to say in my previous post was that Halfords took over an hour getting the right bike and more importantly the right size. An inch difference in the frame size alters the seat/handlebars/pedals ratio hugely and if you've got the wrong size/style that's what could be doing your knees in.


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