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OMG...week 4, run will I cope with week 5???

I managed to galvanize my reluctant body this morning to tackle run 2 of the week. I strapped both my knees in advance to give them a little help and set off. My knees coped admirably this time which allowed me to realise how tired the rest of me was. In the last run I was willing away the last two minutes and felt a sense of triumph when Laura finally told me it was time for my warm down. Now I am lying here, drenched in sweat, writing this. I feel a sense of achievement but am wondering if I will manage to cope with the longer runs of next week onwards.

The reality of running is rather different to my romantic vision of what it would be like....the bright red, puffing, lumbering shape that is me at the end of session is very different to the one I imagined. However my sense of achievement and self improvement were aspects I hadn't factored in and they are the things that keep me trying to improve.

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:D gosh your doing so well, you've obviously got great motivation to get up and get out there (hate morning running eurgh).

Just focus on what you've achieved, and concentrate on how the programme is designed for people like us so any week by week increase will be challenging but WON'T be impossible.


Well done for completing W4,R2. :) You will get through this and once you've done W5R3 you will feel invincible. ;) Trust in Laura and the c25k programme. It really works! Any time you feel the need, you can always repeat a run or give yourself an extra day off. There is no rush to complete the programme. Listen to your body and not your mind. ;)


I felt the same as you, every time I completed one week I was anxious how I would cope with the next. I have a small glass of orange juice before I run, seems to work for me. I would wake up thinking I can't do this anymore, and then think to myself , hang on you've just done wk6 what a waste to give up now. I've been motivated by these blogs and it helps to know others are having the same feelings. Stick with it and you will feel great, you've done really well so far please carry on, I'm teaching myself Buddhism and I recite what I've learnt, it helps with your breathing and before you know it your down to your last 60 seconds.


I've just done week 4 run 1 today ad I know what you mean. I certainly feel this is where they stop mollycoddling you. I found the five minute run very tough and came as close to giving up as I've ever been. I don't have much experience and I don't know what to suggest but I found breaking the five minute run down to smaller one minute runs in my head certainly helped. Also found that I recovered pretty quickly afterwards, so have vowed next time to remind myself that the pain doesn't last long. Good luck!


I did wk4 R1 yesterday, hard going but I got thru & felt elated! Never thought I would get this far! Just keep reminding yourself how much you've achieved since Wk1R1. When it gets tough I think 'jess ennis', 'Rebecca Adlington' or any one of those inspirations! Corny but it works for me!

Well done, keep going, I'll be thinking about you when I'm running tmrw, willing you on!!!'


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