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Week 4 complete, advice on week 5!


Hey guys, this is my first post and I’m just looking for some tips going into Week 5. I had completed weeks 1-3 on the treadmill and found these manageable. However, i started week 4 on the treadmill then the last two running outside and I’m really struggling with my breathing when outdoors. I am going really slow (not much faster than a power walk) but I’m still completely breathless during each “running” section. My legs/knees have also started hurting more but I presume that’s just due to the different inclines outside? On the plus side I managed to complete each run in week 4 first time but any tips on controlling my breathing would be great!

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I think maybe try conpleting week 5 on the treadmill then do the same outdoors. Week 5 finishes with a full 20 minutes continuous run so it’s a big jump I think.

Thanks I’ll give that a try and see if it helps :)!


I gave Maisiemoo73 this advice this morning.. for outside running..it is so different than inside..

"Start slow., stay slow initially.

Indoor runs are generally in a controlled environment. When you head outside, there are lots of variables; weather, wind, elevation, and surface type . Start at a pace that is a bit slower than your treadmill runs to get used to the outdoor differences. Then, you will find as you get used to the different environment , your pace will improve :)

You need to take it gently and take care, especially if off road, but, and there are lots of us who feel as I do, running outside is the best thing ever:)

Try some runs, just to get a feel for it and don't be afraid to take walking breaks...

A walk break is not a problem,helping your transition and making you more confident.. Inserting one or several 30-second to one minute walks into the middle of your run can, be useful."


Is your treadmill set to at least one degree incline, which supposedly simulates outdoor running better and eases the transition.

Thanks everyone! I only had treadmill on 0.5 incline so I’ll try upping it! I’m going to start week 5 on the treadmill and see how I go and might repeat it outside afterwards. It’s crazy hot here with 90% humidity so that probably adds to the difficulty when running outside even after the sun goes down.

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