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Omg!! I have just completed week 5 run 3!!

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I cannot believe that I have just run for 20 minutes without walking breaks!

I was absolutely dreading this run after run 2 and this morning I woke up achy and very tired from the last few days of festivities but I have a very busy day ahead of me so I knew I had to get up and out or I would never get out for a run today. My hubby ran with me for moral support and helped set a steady pace.

5 minutes in when Laura said that I had run for 5 minutes I couldn't see how I was going to carry on for another 15 minutes but I remember reading a post on here about setting 5 minute goals so adopted that for the rest of my run and I didn't look back! It's weird but I seemed to settle into the run and when Laura said I had did it and to slow down for my cool down, I cheered in absolute celebration!! It's an unbelievable sense of achievement and I am stunned that me, yes me, has just run for 20 minutes!!

Thank you for all your words of encouragement they really helped get me through it

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Well done it's an amazing feeling isn't it, I think I had a smile for days when I completed that run. Enjoy the rest of your day

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Thank you. I really am on cloud 9, even more so as I've just overheard my hubby telling my son how well I did on my run. Amazing feeling. Have a great day too.

Congratulations great to get that out of the way , most runs I do the first ten mins I feel I'm not going to make it , but then after that first ten I'm fine . Well done ! You will be on a high all day


Absolutely fantastic and what great support you have from your hubby. Great start to the day :)


Congratulations. It is a fantastic feeling!


Congrats. It's a great feeling when you've achieved it.


well done it really is a great feeling!!! You are almost there now!! keep up the good work =D

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I am looking forward to my next long run now :)


:) hope that's me in 5 weeks

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I am sure it will be. Good luck :)


What ho!

Excellent accomplishment so a huge congratulations from me. You seem to doing really well and it's great that you have such super support from your beloved. Don't go too mad on your next run now. Treat it with respect, but knowing that you have now run 20 minutes NON STOP! Gooooooo girrrrrl!

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I have seen a few posts in week 6 about run 1 being tougher than it seems. I am going to go slow and steady so that I don't burn out. I am absolutely loving this programme, to see the progress I have made in such as short amount of time is just remarkable.


Well done, after that run, believe it or not, you can manage the incremental increases, just think, if i can run 20 mins i can run 25, then 28, then 30. It's what the programme is all about. Keep going, you are doing so well.

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Thank you Natalie, I kept telling myself today that if I managed the 20, it wont be such a big leap to the next long run. It's funny but I keep expecting to fail but every time I go for the next run my legs just carry me on until the end.

Great stuff Jenner - you did it , you did it! This programme is amazing isn't it :) :)

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Thank you lemon doodle. This programme is so amazing, to think of how quickly it changes peoples ability to run is awe inspiring. Somehow it just works and I am loving every minute of it.


Well done, for me that run was the big one if you can do that you will do the rest.

Amazing feeling isn't it no stoping you now

Well done. It was a huge mental block for me as well but I've sailed through week 6 - onwards and upwards!!!

Congrats! I was astonished when I did that run too. What a great feeling! Good for you :-)

I know how you felt. You should be so proud and pleased with yourself. I know I am. Well done 😊

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