Week 6 Run 1 - an odd one

Well I gave in and let body take me out this morning. Typically halfway through the 1st run it asked to go home. No I said you've been making a right old fuss about not going out yesterday so we're going, it's only 5mins. So we survived the 1st run and enjoyed the walk. Then the 8min run. I thought I was going to pass out. What the hell is that about? I ran 20min last week!! Body was really asking to home by then. Just one more 5min run I told it. We can do that it's not far. So off we went, and it was easy.

What a strange strange run. I think I'm looking foward to the longer runs at the end of this week. Oddly they feel a bit easier. Was it really me who couldn't run 60 secs a few weeks ago?


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  • I, too, have just done W6R1 (and without the requisite recovery day) and in the rain. I was sure that Laura must be wrong when she said I was only half way through the 8mins run, but I kept on plodding on.

    I did a new route today - actually starting and finishing the 30mins on my doorstep for the first time. I've usually finished about 10mins from home to avoid the hill, but today worked great; the second 3 min walk came for the wee short climb, and that left 5 minutes to slowly jog the last incline and a few minutes warm down. I'm pleased I've finally proved I can tackle that hill - even at a snail's pace.

    I was sure this route would be a lot shorter, but in fact it's about 4.3km, so not too bad.

  • Well done, both of you. W6R1 is hard mentally and physically after the major effort of the 20 minute run at the end of W3. I think it's very typical to feel like you both do! It feels much harder than the longer run. I also think Laura has a time-dilatation alternative-universe clock! I nearly sobbed the other day when she cheerfully announced there were still 5 minutes to go.

    Only 1 more interval run then it's onto the long runs every time. Good luck!

  • Yes! Laura time...some of the 'you've only got 60 seconds to go' are the longest stretches of time I experience.

  • Well done, it is a strange sensation, when you've done the W5R3 run and this feels harder, it get better again, I promise :-)

  • Ooh me too..week 6 is turning out to be evil. I did run 2 the other day, 2 10 minutes and found it a bit of a slog, but I think that was better than run 1. I'm hoping this is a trend and that run 3 will feel a bit better....good luck with the next one :)

  • Once you've done that long run at the end of week 5 (with the negative feelings most of us suffer beforehand), I think you go through a slight mental change, and start looking forward to the long runs. I reckon week 6 intervals are a sneaky way to help you through this phase. ;) Luckily, the week 6 exhaustion (caused by the bodyshock of W5,R3) does wear off and it's a great feeling to become a 'runner'. :)

  • Glad its not just me. Thanks for the encouragement guys.

  • I found the same thing. I left 2 days between this run and my next one to give my legs a chance to recover, and found the rest of the week much better.

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