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Week 6 Run 1. Better sleep, felt worse!

Following on from managing the 20 minuter on Thursday, I found after a better night's sleep I was actually more tired than when I had a very disturbed night, I suppose because I was down properly rather than running on adrenaline. So I went out to do run 1 of week six knowing that I was probably going to be not very lively, and bearing in mind that other people have found it difficult after week five. I did feel tired and plodding in parts, but I still managed it. And is was strange running in warmer air! I'm going to need to kit myself out for it. I did manage to pick up the pace for the last minute and really enjoyed it - I'd love it if I could run at that speed all the time. So onwards to the last interval run, then the 25 minutes. It seemed like a big ask this morning to think it's coming up but I guess if I did 20 minutes a few days ago then I must in theory be able to do it . Right? Right??

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Right :D Every run you've done before prepares you for the next, just feed, hydrate and rest (?!) your body adequately in between and you can do it.


Yes! Yes! You can do it! Though ideally after catching up on your sleep properly (which might not be possible, I know!)

Well done with getting through w6r1 - as you say, many people find that one harder than the 'stinker', so you did well to get through it. Working out what to wear once it isn't freezing is a whole new challenge isn't it!


Oh God Yes! We went for a hike today and I had a t-shirt, a fleece and a waterproof on...when we set out the sun was shining and the uphill start soon had me in just the t-shirt, once up on the tops it got a bit chilly in the breeze so the fleece went back on and on the walk home, the clouds came out and the waterproof went back on to just add another layer against the cold. Not a problem when you're walking but I can't carry all that kit when I'm running :O

Unless I'm doing a zombie run and then I can carry a ridiculous amount of things ;-)


Hi my inspiration :)

Funnily I did week 6 run 1 today and found that after going too fast on the first 5 mins I felt very out of breath so had to slow it down too. But found I had spare energy for the last 2 1/2 minutes so upped the speed too.

Well done on getting through it and look forward to hearing how run 2 goes.


Well done on this run - this was probably my least favourite run of the whole programme. Don't worry about the 25 minutes - like you say you've already done the 20 minute run so you CAN do it (Laura told me!!!)



Well done. I did this run on Saturday in beautiful sunshine and quite enjoyed it. I'm also having to rethink the wardrobe. Need somewhere to carry the iphone and keys and I'm going to need a water bottle. More shopping!! That's after the new shoes. Not an entirely free activity. Good luck for run 2 and the next big one! Goodbye intervals!


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