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Week 6 Run 2 DID IT!!

Who'd have thought that w6r2 would be harder than w5r3? Not me that was for sure.

I had to vitually drag body out of bed this morning, It was muttering something about too much wine and chinese takeaway last night. I did tell it not to have it all as we were running today, but did it listen... huh!!

Body muttered all the way through the warm up. Legs felt like lead and I'm sure that chinese takeaway was swinging around like a lead weight inside me. When Laura said run I nearly went home, but after failing this run on Monday I had to try. Slow and steady, slow and steady my mantra for the day. I just want to finish it, it's not a race, urgh that chinese really was a bad bad idea.

I was glad to have my 3min walk. Then the second run. Legs now felt like jelly and my tummy was really complaining, something about being hungry, but also being full. Body meanwhile was demanding I stop. Stup up I told it. I'm not failing this run again I don't care if we collapse at the end we are finishing it!!

Strange thing? We got back to the house before the end of the warm down which means we completed my 3.66km circut in our fasted time ever. It might not have been a fun run but it seems have been an effective run. I'm feeling pretty impressed with myself. If I can do that feeling that awful how much more could I give without the chinese?

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Well done! Great blog, too. Glad it went well, no hills popping up where you didn't expect them! That's all the intervals done.....


It's bit scary now. Laura's going to say I'm a runner but I don't feel like one yet.


Laura knows best!


LOL - well done. Bloody bodies, they won't do what's best for them, will they?


I did this run yesterday - what a killer! Thought it'd be a doddle sfter managing the 20 minutes in week 5 but I was nearly done for after the 1st 10 minutes. Did struggle through to the end though because I couldn't face having to repeat it tomorrow!

Good luck witht he 25 minutes - scary


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