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Week 1 Run 1 Completed!!!

Hi all :) Another newbie here, and another inspired by the post Olympics afterglow to sort myself out and get fit!

I've always hated the idea of running (although athletics has long been a favourite sport to watch) and as someone else posted, it brings back painful memories of sports days and being forced to run 400m and coming in last well over 2 minutes later than everyone else. I'm now 38 and about 20 llbs heavier than I should be. The weight just won't shift like it used to with a trip to an exercise class and a couple of weeks dieting. I did do exercise before - just not running - and figured I would be able to handle the first session easily. WRONG!!! I felt so embarrassed just jogging, feeling that everyone was watching and judging me. I did feel uncomfortable and while the last session of run/walk was seemingly endless, I did it and feel good about that.

Looking forward to the next run on Thursday and in the meantime will read everyone else's blogs for inspiration. You guys are amazing - I just hope I can stick with it and run 5 k in 9 weeks time! :D

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I thought that when I started out last week that there would be runners speeding past me and I would get laughed at. It's just not the case! Nobody seems to care! Just push yourself to finish the runs and in the beginning just don't go too fast and then you won't get red faced and you'll be able to control your breathing better. Good luck!


Thanks so much and yes, I definitely started too fast and paid big time at the end. I guess pacing is a big part of it and I will get better at it as time goes by. Really looking forward to my next run now :)


Hi, I just finished week 1 and was really paranoid that people would laugh at me at first, but to be honest, those who do acknowledge you only ever give you an encouraging smile! If you feel silly looking hot and bothered, just think they have no idea how long you have been running for - for all they know you have been running a marathon!

I was in exactly the same position as you, losing weight was just not simple and easy any more! Pounds creeping on without me noticing and completely unable to shift them! That helped me to decide to focus on fitness rather than pure weightloss, for better overall health.



Hi Fraz, I'm also brand new (R2 of W1 tomorrow) and I felt much the same as you did, almost as though I didn't qualify to be out on the streets shuffling along with the "proper runners" but I found people are very friendly, a smile and a morning or hi was willingly offered.

Good luck with the programme.


Well done for getting out there and completing the first run. :) You will be amazed at how the weeks fly by and how much you have accomplished. I'm on week 8 and ran for 28 minutes today. I simply couldn't get my head around that possibility when I started and slogged my way breathlessly through 60 seconds!

If you haven't already, i would recommend measuring yourself (waist, thighs, etc) and then checking again in a month's time. Weight loss can be slow to non-existent when your body is adapting to new, cardiovascular exercise (the weight loss will catch up later though, don't worry) but your measurements in a month's time will show you just how much you've achieved.

Best wishes to all of you starting your c25k journey. It is one well worth every step. :)



I started yesterday and found the run very similar first three to four okay. This soon changed . I wishing Laura to say this is your last one when she said second to last it was a thank god moment followed by a come you can do it. I am overweight by about five stone so found it extra hard. I am following slimming world so hope as the weeks progress there will be less of me to cart round.


Keep going newstart1 and you won't regret it :)


You shouldnt feel embarrased about going slow, I started thinking like that but after i while i realised others that were running much faster were only running for a much shorter time. It made me feel good about myself that even though I wasnt going fast I had the stamina to stick it out running for much longer than others not doing the programme.

Good Luck with your journey,


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