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Week 5 - Run 1 - Completed

Hi everyone today I completed my first run of week 5 and it went well. Going back out tomorrow for run 2 which im a bit nervous about due to running for minutes straight . How did everyone else get on with week 5 ? Also does anyone not have water along with them whilst running , i always bring water but its getting a bit of a nuisance i always seem to drop it lol !

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I'm about to start W5 Run 1 after work today - but I'm indoors on the treadmill for now so I pour myself a little cup of water and plonk it in the cup holder on the machine and have been taking just a couple of little sips after doing the runs, just to help get my breath back.

I reckon I'll be okay doing the 5 minute runs today, but can see it steps it up again for Run 2 and of course there is Run 3 looming.... just have to believe in the programme and that it's worked for so many others and that we can do it!!


yeah thats true , i will be so proud if i complete run 3 successfully


Congratulations on R1 you'll nail R2 I am sure. Week 5 is always a biggy because of R3, which is sometimes referred to as the Gateway Run. Looking at it on paper it's daunting to most but if you Trust in the Plan (Which you know works) you'll be fine.

Good Luck!


Thanks , what was r3 like for you ?


well done you for getting this far!!

am sure you'll do absolutely great on the next run.

im stuck on that week im afaid, the leap is too mahooosive for me, but I am determined to get there in the end :-) and I will. im going to try do run 3 again tomorrow, but putting no pressure on myself as that's where it starts eating away at me and I bail ;-(.

anyhoooooo - GOOD LUCK for your next run and as olsbean says - NAIL IT!!

:-) ali


I did W5R2 this morning and it was OK. I'm not convinced though that I'm gonna be able to run for 20 mins non-stop the day after tomorrow. It seems such a big step up. But we shall see. Good luck and let us know how it goes. x


I just completed w5r1 today as well. 5 minutes didn't seem too bad but I was glad to finish the final run. Not exactly sure how I feel about w5r3. I'm looking forward to running for twenty minutes because I'll feel like a proper runner but that will only happen if I manage to compete it!


HI - did week 5 run 1 this morning.

I actually enjoyed it. Found the 5 min runs were ok as long as I concentrated on my breathing.

Like you though, I can't imagine running four times that long in just 4 days!!

All I can do is what others have said: trust the programme and keep going, however slowly.

I don't take water, on the grounds that I'm only out for 30 mins or thereabouts, I'm sure I won't collapse from dehydration. I do try and remember to have a small drink before I go out and I have a drink when I get back (admittedly it's usually a cup of tea, but liquid is liquid I reckon and I don't trust unboiled water).


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