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Week 1 Run 1 completed

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Just completed my first run and the running was hard work. My running slowed with each session. By the time I got to the penultimate run my left calf muscle ached and so did the muscle on the outside of my left leg below the knee. My right is OK.

I can do a brisk 30 minute walk (and longer) so I assume it must be something to do with the running.

Any suugestions to overcome this.

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Do you do stretches before you head out and when you come back?

Well done on completing your first run. :-)

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carer999 in reply to caz1_ca

No I didn't. What stretches do you suggest for my leg?

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caz1_caGraduate in reply to carer999


It might be to do with the way you're landing. Always aim for the middle of your foot to hit the ground rather than the heel or forefoot. There's some good advice here for people setting out:


The important thing though is that the most difficult hurdle of C25K is over. It is hard work getting started but you'll be extremely surprised to see your progress over the next few weeks.

Good luck with the rest of the programme!

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Welcome and good luck on your C25K journey. :-)

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Welcome and well done on getting started. I'm wondering if maybe you are pushing yourself too fast, take it easy and relax is my advice, you can build up speed later and if you push too hard before your body is ready you might injure yourself which would mean not being able to run until healed. Try a very slow gentle jog, once you get through the course, you will have trained your muscles enough to withstand some pushing. (Maybe even before the end). Good luck :)

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Welcome and well done. You have just taken the first amazing step in an amazing programme. Hope you get your calf muscle sorted ok. x

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Welcome - great start! I'd agree with mysticalmaid - maybe try starting off quite a bit slower. Starting running puts a lot of strain on everything, and taking things gently helps the muscles and joints adapt more gradually. Later on you can speed up, and that way you're much less likely to get injured.

Enjoy it! :)

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Well done- I was achy to start with- I tried the stretches and they really helped -give them a go x

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Well done! I realised I'd run too fast the first time too. Slowing down did help!

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