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Week 1, run 1...C25K here I come!!!

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Hi All

I've joined here for two reasons really...one for support and two for advice. I started this torturous(!) regime this afternoon with my teenage son...but I could only run for a minute for the first 3 running sessions. I had no puff!! For the other running sessions, I lasted about 50 seconds. By the time we arrived back home, I looked as though someone had stuck a bright red ball on my shoulders!!! First questions coming up:-

1) do most people feel like this after their first run?

2) when should I schedule my next session? I'm guessing I should be doing this no more than 3 times a week...is my understanding correct? So as I did my first session today, should my next session be on Wednesday & Saturday?

I have a bulging disc in my lower back...is this likely to aggrevate it? I've been power walking for the last 2 weeks (20 min sessions) and my back has been fine. I've also been walking EVERY DAY...not sure I should be doing this. Should I rest?

3) can I power walk inbetween the days that I'm doing the C25K or should I rest?

Up until 2 weeks ago, I was THE original couch potato. I would park my car as close as possible to the supermarket door, etc, etc. I'm sure you get the picture! Well, I've just joined Slimming World (lost 5lbs last week - which was my first week) and my next weigh in is tomorrow evening...fingers crossed! I also went through a surgical menopause last year and have slowly noticed my shape changing...and sadly, not for the better. So I decided to take ACTION...and here I am!!!

I've also registered to take part in the Cancer Research 5K Race for Life...would be great to be able to run even PART of the course!

Looking forward to virtually 'meeting' you all.

Mrs M x

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hi mrs_m i am on week 8 of the programme i would recommend doing the runs every other day so if you did it today then go for wed and friday ,

I dont see why you shouldnt do the programme just see how your body reacts if you get no pain then it must be ok , but if it starts to be painfull maybe some advice from your dr might be better, we all started of with red faces i think but as you get into it that will go and you'll feel yourself getting fitter and find the runs easier.

there is a lot of support on here so keep blogging.

On my rest days i usually do some sort of exercise for 30 minutes or more that doesnt involve using my leg muscles so much such as swimming or some toning dvds at home,

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Mrs_M in reply to maddykins

Thanks so much for your reply, maddykins. Your advice is really helpful. One other question...if I'm doing this schedule Monday, Wednesday & Friday, do I stick to this or alternate as the days fall, ie following this week, the days would be Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday?? Hope that makes sense!

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AliB1Graduate in reply to Mrs_M

as long as you have at least one 'rest' day in between runs it doesn't matter...i do 2 runs with one rest day and then 2 days into between the last one. hope that helps

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Hey Mrs M, well done for starting. I only managed a few of the runs on week 1 run1 and was really disappointed, but I did better on the second time. Definitely only do every other day, but it's good to mix in something different on your rest days. I am on week 2 and can run for 90 seconds woopee!! I am very slow but I am moving and that's the most important thing. Good luck, keep going no matter how long it takes. I did week 1 4 times instead of 3 and am going to do the same with week 2 just to really make sure I am doing it properly before I move on.

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Mrs_M in reply to cattery

Hey Cattery....90 mins running!!! Well done you! I can only imagine me doing 90 mins running in my wildest dreams right now!!! I can really feel that my thighs have been exercised today...is this normal?? Sorry for so many questions...consequence of being a couch potato all my life! :-)

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Mrs_M in reply to Mrs_M

90 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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catteryGraduate in reply to Mrs_M

Hi Mrs M, sorry I only ran 90 seconds, not 90 minutes! But was very proud of myself. I am only on week 2, so not far ahead of you. After I did week 1 I could really feel the muscles in my legs had been working. Today I feel tired all over, but I am sleeping a tiny bit better so it must be good!

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I always do, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and then have two days off for the weekend. I look like a beet root when I have finished running so u are not alone, however I'm on week 9 now (well about to start) but I was exactly the same when I started, half dead laughing at the thought of running for 30 mins yet I'm nearly there. Keep going you can do it :)

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hello!!! Great to hear your story, well done for doing this, It's a great motivation talking to everyone on her and getting a fair bit of advice an a few giggles!

I think in your first few weeks you should just go at your own pace and listen to your body (It knows best) do alternate days if you can and I don't think power walking would hurt on your rest days just as long as it feels ok. I finished c25k a few weeks ago and still can't run for longer than 35 minutes so it does take time to adjust and for the fitness to come ;) I wish you luck on your journey :)

Hi All - a small update. After only completing week 1, run 1, my back has been TERRIBLE! For the first time in ages, I've had to resort to taking 2 co-codymol painkillers. I don't think even gentle jogging is going to do me any good. Most of my friends have shouted at me for being so silly for even thinking that I could jog. The power walking has been good and my back even felt better! Hopefully, a few days rest is all I'll need to get back to where I started. I'm waiting to see a neuro-surgeon about my back, so until I've had my appointment, I think I'll stick to power walking. Good luck to you all on your own special journeys!

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