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Week 3 Run 1 Completed


Hello Everyone,

I was so much worried last week thinking about the 3 minute non-stop run. During my first 2 weeks, i was waiting for one word all the time, SLOW DOWN. So 3 minutes was a big deal for me. I was feeling more comfortable during the run than the first 2 weeks though. Guess what, when Laura said slow down, i had more stamina left to run (at least another 1min). Still not able to believe that i did it with such ease. Till last week i had my doubts, if i can ever do this. But now i have got the confidence.

Here are 2 things i have done different from previous 2 weeks, not sure if they are the reason though.

1. Took an extra day off after the last week.

2. Had a banana to have the energy.

And the added perks :

I have reduced 2kgs :)

Had to punch an extra hole in my belt :D

Cant express how happy i am right now, and its all because of u guys. Thanks a ton, and Laura i love you ;)

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Sivaran it is wonderful isn't it ? It makes you wonder " why didn't I do that earlier"

I do take extra day rest now and again if I feel I need it and I also have a banana after a run sometime.

in reply to nhs2015

The feeling is awesome. Cant wait to get to my next run :)


Amazing... go you.. always great to have that little something left.

Doing it right and doing it well!

You'll be having to buy new clothes soon too! :)

in reply to Oldfloss

I have 2 bags of clothes kept aside which don't fit me anymore.

Looks like i am going to explore them sooner than i thought :D

in reply to Sivaram007

Yeay.. great fun... love it when you can do that!

Great post Sivaram, you are doing everything right. Keep going you can do this. :)

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