Week 1 Run 1 - DONE

After a degree of procrastinating and a neck injury today was the day. After hardly doing any exercise in 30+ years it seemed very daunting but it's now or never.

Inspired by recent events a few miles up the road from me I got up early (for a Sunday) had a light breakfast and a warm up and I was off!

Drove to the local park. Met lots of dogs and their owners. Strapped iPhone to my arm, pressed play on the podcast and I was off.

Wasn't too sure what a brisk walk speed should be so went a bit fast than my normal speed. The runs we're good. 90 seconds is a long long time!

Home now and really buzzing. Looking forward to Tuesday and Run 2.

5 Replies

  • Congratulations, I can feel how excited you are - and you should be! It's changed my life. Have a great time with the next run and be very proud of yourself!

  • Well done you! Keep it up! I think as brisk walk should be just enough to make you ever so slightly out of breath but so you could still hold a conversation. I try and keep up with the beat on the music on the podcast. Don't know if that helps. XX

  • Well done, you're on you way now and there'll be no stopping you...C25K is addictive because you're always challenging yourself, though I always say the biggest challenge is to get out for that first run. Congrats :)

  • First run was the most difficult for me, just going out I think. So well done, enjoy the rest of this weeks runs and then onwards and upwards. Like beatasthma say's it soon gets addictive! Enjoy :-)

  • Thanks for all your comments, advice and encouragement. This is one friendly place!!

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