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Completed Week 9 - Run 1


After a weeks break owing to a business trip abroad I caught up with the plan again yesterday evening with the first run in Week 9. It felt good but I ran only 4,4 km - quite some distance below the 5 km I was aiming for. So now I have to increase speed - significantly...

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Very well done....not sure why you need to increase your speed... why not just enjoy the rest of the journey to the podium:)

Plenty of time for speed and distance after the Graduation party? )

eyekaytoo in reply to Oldfloss

Happily completed the series and now I'm chugging along with the 30 minutes every other day. Missing Laura but I now have my own choice of "thump thump" club music which I find great to keep me jogging to a steady rhythm. One day I'll speed up but there's no hurry. Aska, the dog seems happy too :-)


I will be doing W8 R2 this evening and we haven’t got over 4K yet. 1 head is saying that’s fine, just concentrate on making sure you can do the 28 minutes, but I think I will feel like a fraud “graduating C25K” when I haven’t actually run 5K!

DeterminedBearGraduate in reply to Denbo64

I think the stat is that only about 10 or 20% graduate running 5k. The overall objective of the programme is to run for 30 minutes. Everything else will happen in time, at least that's my plan.

Recommended to me because I was worried about making the full 5K

I graduated yesterday and I ran 3.75km. The programmes aim is to get you running for 30 minutes, regardless of speed/distance. You can always speed up in the future. Remember, our bodies are still new to running so don’t risk injuries that could put you out for weeks/months. Just enjoy being able to say “I run for 30 minutes”

“I run 5k” can come later🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Liz x

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