Week 7 Run 1 - done!

Well, have now embarked on the final third of the programme - week 7. Today's run was, again, uneventful and I just focused on getting to the end of the 25 minutes. It seemed a bit long today - it takes a bit of getting used to the longer runs but who would have thought I'd be able to run for 25 minutes for the second time (counting W6R3). Getting to the finish line really does seem within reach now so I will continue to take things slow and steady although I did speed up a bit on the last 5 minutes. Good luck and best wishes to one and all.


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15 Replies

  • Uneventful is good :-) Sounds like you're doing really well and it's settling down nicely. If you had the physical and mental ability to speed up in the last 5 minutes then that's a great sign - both to your mental ability to do this as well as your body having more in reserve.

    Well done and, not long now :-)

  • Well done, keep it up. You're nearly at the end of the program, so keep focused tick those runs off one by one.

  • Well done fitmo! its scary when you do to a week thats all long runs! but you sound like you're doing really well! :)

  • More than two thirds of the way through now! Well done, sounds like you are doing fine, good luck with the rest of the programme. x

  • Many thanks for all your support and words of encouragement. Yes, I got to thinking - all being well, it's only 8 runs to graduation. It's a bit scary at this stage - being so close and yet still quite a lot to do. Best wishes.

  • You know you are gonna do it tho eh? You have a determined spirit amd ur strong xxz

  • Thank you for your kind comments. I never thought of myself as determined or strong before but this programme is making a huge difference. Best wishes.

  • Hey Fitmo! Good onya girl! Been hoping to see a post from you....I attempt 3rd session of Week 7 tomorrow so I'll be crossing everything to be successful ( except my legs, obviously!) , think of me at about 7am....

  • I have been posting each run, usually Mon, Wed and Fri. I like the two days of the weekend to rest and prepare myself mentally for the start of the next week. It also gives me a bit of leeway if I can't do a run for any reason one of the days - I can still get it done another day in the same week. I shall certainly be thinking of you at 7 a.m. tomorrow - when not cursing the dog for getting me out of bed to take him for his early constitutional. Don't know what time I will go out for my second run - late morning probably. Good luck with your third run of this W7. Best wishes.

  • Brilliant - well done fitmo. You seem to have oomph to complete couch 25k. Good luck for the next run x

  • Don't know about oomph but, yes, I am keen to complete the programme. I think signing up for R4L changed my perspective quite a lot and gave me a bit extra motivation. Thank you for your kind comment. Good luck with your own next run. Best wishes.

  • Fantastic.. Very well done! Graduation isn't far off for you now...you can do it!! Congrats :)

  • Thank you. How is it going for you? Haven't seen a post lately so hope everything is okay. Best wishes.

  • Hi Fitmo. Sorry havent posted recently, running has taken a bit of a backseat in the last week or so as we've had a family bereavement. Will get back to it very soon though!! You've made great progress - congrats! :)

  • Oh, that's awful news. You must be shattered. Of course the running has to take a back seat for the time being. Not much I can say really. Sorry that you have this to deal with, there isn't anything anyone can say or do that will help, I know. When you are ready to run again let me know and I'll support you through the rest of the programme if you want. My very best wishes to you.

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