First Parkrun completed!

First Parkrun completed!

Well I decided to take the plunge and try a parkrun. I managed to get around with only 2 very small bouts of walking but the odd thing was I couldn't stop smiling! I was literally like a Cheshire Cat. I was loving it! All I kept thinking is "I'm doing it!"

I managed to get round in 44 minutes which I was happy with as my goal was to simply complete it. I'm a bit sad that I came 298 out of 310 runners though, slightly embarrassing. Thing is I "run" like a snail. I was following a couple who were walking for ages and I didn't even close the gap, I was genuinely running as fast as they were walking. It's ever so weird but when I was running I only struggled on some bits so I genuinely think I could go faster if I tried; I felt comfortable for most of the course. So now I have a new and exciting goal of building up my speed not just the length of time I can run.

I did tut at myself at one point as I saw that is been running for 25 mins and thought to myself "so every step you take now is the longest you've ever run for" I thought it would be a nice confidence boost but what happened? My legs stopped and I started walking! It's so psychological but it's as if my body thought "I've never ran this long stop then". I can't go next week as I'm having my haircut but I will return the week after determined to shave off a couple of minutes. Going to finish C25k so I know I can run a whole 30mins then need to focus on pace.

Sorry for the long post, I've got a lot going through my head!


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  • great post, well done you - i can feel your happiness :)

  • Thank you RoseWaffle. I'm so chuffed. Xx

  • You got there, that's the important thing, your only racing the sofa, that didn't make the start line.

  • go you !!! well done :-)

  • Fantastic, well done you! Yep the others walking as fast as I run, been there, etc., etc., you just keep going, you'll be hooked to parkrun in no time - if not already πŸ˜„


  • I think I already am! Can't wait to go again. Xxx

  • Fantastic !

    Well done , and what a lovely, happy, smiley face you have ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks everyone for your lovely messages, means the world to me. Xxx

  • That is brilliant news! I did my first last weekend and it is certainly a challenge! Doesn't matter where you finished- you did it! Well done πŸ˜„

  • Thanks celtprof, I'm already looking forward to going again in 2 weeks time; I've defiantly got the bug. Xx

  • you weren't last, you are not even finished the programme, and you did it! You will be able improve your time in future runs if you want to😊 but really getting out and doing it is the most important thing!

  • Thanks heavyhorse. I definitely want to improve my time because I don't think I was really pushing myself, I think I was going as slow as possible all the way round just to avoid having to stop. Xx

  • I can relate to that - I also go mega-slowly as I don't want to get out of "running mode" and I think that if I go faster I will run out of energy!

  • well done !!

  • Fantastic! Lovely post there, and you ran it and now you know what it looks and feels like....3.1 miles phew... Congratulations πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Thanks so much. I can't wait to go again! Xx

  • 🐌-running, you and me both! I know I would feel exactly like you, but you did it! I'm still working up my courage to join a parkrun. Well done you!

  • I would really recommend it, everyone was so friendly. Xx

  • Well done you! Nice photo! That's the way to do it! There's nothing to be embarrassed about if your near last! you are out there doing it! and doing yourself a world of good! Don't rush it, let it come naturally, just keep chipping away at it! Keep on at it😊

  • Thanks davelinks. I've definitely caught this running bug. I'm sure it did as much psychological good as physical good. I'm still buzzing about it. Xx

  • I admire you. Not plucked up courage to do it yet myself. Well done!

  • Awww that's kind of you to say. Just go for it, I cannot recommend it enough. Xx

  • That's a lovely photo. We can really see how happy you felt so you should definitely keep attending park runs. Wish we had them here. I have my first race next Sat. I expect it'll be a nasty shock to see just how slow I am in comparison to others but I am mentally preparing myself for that. A year from now we will all be stronger and faster. For now it is great to just get out there and be a part of things.

  • Think you're spot on there. I've already got carried away looking into 10ks πŸ˜‰ Just finishing your first race will feel amazing, no matter what position you come in. Well done you for signing up to a race. Don't compare yourself to others, just compare today's you to yesterday's you and make sure you're winning that way. Xx

  • it won't be a nasty shock if you expect it, just be happy to complete it, still beating everyone on the couch. And expecting to be last means you won't be disappointed, more like the other way round. My fastest 5 k has been at my first parkrun, took my time had no expectations, and found I went faster than when running alone.

  • I did my first parkrun on Saturday so I can empathise. I think C25K is great for building endurance - but parkruns make you focus on distance and speed. I did mine in 42 minutes but I was 208th out of 210 runners - I seem to be in with some very keen athletes!

  • Congratulations. Xx

  • What a fabulous post!!! You look fantastic, what a great smile you have. So many congratulations on completing a park run without even having finished the c25k program! I'm going to make the effort to find my local parkrun and get out there with the girls, do they let you run with a buggy?

    Well done again!!


  • They do indeed. There were kids and dogs and everything. Xx

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