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I couldn't complete first run of week 4, should I repeat week 3 or persevere with the week 4 runs?

I've been so proud to progress through the weeks of this programme, but I tried the first run of week 4 today and just couldn't do it - I managed to finish the first 3 minute run, the first 5 minute run and one minute of the next 3 minute run, and then I simply died and could manage no more. What would you sagely runners recommend - that I repeat week 3 or try again with week 4? Thank you :)

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just go for w4r1 again and don't worry too much- everyone has runs which are tough. Try slowing down until you can do it. It's all about building stamina to keep going for 30+ minutes and you will get there if you don't worry about speed.


I struggled with this run too. To me it felt like a really big step up. I repeated it and managed on the second go so I would say 'Go For It' and give it another whirl especially because you managed over half of it. You CAN definately do it.

Good luck :)


Thank you so much for your help! You're an inspiration :)


I'd say press on with week 4 too. If you managed week 3, then you are definitely ready for week 4. When I've struggled with a run, I've gone back to walking for a while (maybe 30-60 seconds) then I try to complete the running section. Maybe you could try this strategy if you find any runs a bit too tough in the future? The longer you can run for (even with extra breaks) the more you are preparing your body for the following week(s). :)


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To the OP I'd say stick with it. Going back to the W3 runs will give you an opportunity to build stamina at a slightly easier place, but may leave you feeling negative about going 'backwards' (for the record, you shouldn't - you're just consolidating). Sticking with W4 will feel tougher, but the sense of achievement when you 'crack it' (and you WILL) will be huge.

Keep going - you're doing great :)


I'm on my second try of "week"4 as the first week I didn't complete that final 5 minutes once - but today I did - so do keep at it - we all get there in the end :-) Best of luck and see you on the other side!


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