Week 3 finished! On to the dreaded week 4!!!! :-)

This program is amazing me as I progress into each week. I am 49, unfit and a tad overweight and I THINK I can do this? YES! I know I WILL! :-) My very first week I struggled on the 60 sec. runs (walking a few steps toward the end) Week 2 terrified me but I plugged along...week 3 scared me, but I did it! Week 2 and 3 I have been able to run each running segment without stopping. It is also amazing that last night on my third run ALL of my 3 minute runs were faster then I could pace on my 1 minute first week runs! Without this board I would of already been frustrated and given up. Thankfully, all of you are here giving great advice and offering wonderful support. Now, I am freaking out over week 4!!!!! How in the world will I ever run 3 and 5 minute segments??!!!


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10 Replies

  • I'm like you, I finished Week 3 today, but at the moment I reckon that as I have already done the 3 min runs in the last week, I can already do those, and if I can do those, then I just have to push myself but block out the 'how much longer' thoughts while doing the 5 min blocks. Day 1 is always the worst, but we can do it!

  • Week 4 is great! Really, it has been my (surprising) favourite week so far. My advice is pacing, pacing, pacing. Don't go off too fast and just trust Laura and the programme. You WILL do it and it WILL feel amazing when you do your first 5 minute run! I did W4R2 last night and really noticed a difference in my ability, even from W4R1 2 days previously. Good Luck and keep going!

  • i'm week 4 tomorrow too! can't imagine running 5 minutes! do you run every other day continuously? i do my set of 3 then have 2 days off - is that right?

  • Thank you for the positive comments! Newbierunner, I hope my week 4 goes as well as yours!!!! Rosie2607, I start my week on Sunday, so I run Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I have Friday and Saturday open. It seems to be doing okay for me, I like having that extra day to mentally prepare myself.

  • Where are you guys located? I am in the U.S. but I love this site! The best support and motivation I have found!

  • England baby! I don't know about these other guys though. It is such good support on here and I'll post later after I've done todays - if it ever stops raining so hard!

  • I'm off on week 4 run 1 today too - once the fog outside lifts - and like you I am a bit worried about the 5 minutes, but last week I was a bit worried about the 3 minutes and I managed that, even if I wasn't going very fast. In a few hours I'll have shown myself I can run for 5 minutes tho, can't wait :-) You'll have to let us know how you get on.

  • how did you get on folyefiend? i did each 3 minute sections but couldn't manage either of the 5 minute sections :( i'll be back out on monday so i'll see how it goes. i'm going to have to work out a longer route too as i finished too early for the 5 minute warm down walk - mine was more a- five minute warm down layed out on the living room floor!! hope urs was ok x

  • Hi, Rosie2607, I got rained off yesterday but I've been and done it this morning. Managed the 5 minutes but I think my running was slower than my walking! Hopefully I can pick up my speed a bit next time. when Laura said only 2 and a half minutes left did it make you want to scream too? I'm sure you'll do it on Monday :-)) Good luck.

  • Like you I was really worried about week 4 but I did the first run yesterday and it was absolutely fine. I was, still am absolutely amazed. I guess if we can do 3 mins then we are ready to do 5.

    A few weeks ago I wouldn't have thought it possible that I could actually jog for 5 solid minutes. This program is full of surprises.

    Good luck and enjoy.

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