Should I repeat week 3?

I have had a 6 day break between weeks 3 & 4 because of a cold, I didn't feel well enough to run as I have asthma and my breathing was not great. Anyway I started week 4 today but could not do it, I did the 3 minute runs but I couldn't do the 5 minute ones. Should I go back to week 3 or keep doing week 4 until I can do 3 runs comfortably? Thanks.


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8 Replies

  • Go through W3 again. It won't hurt and as you have been ill I's probably the better thing to do.

    S X

  • I'd agree with mustgetthin. Do week 3 again and if you are comfortable with that, then go onto week 4.

  • Get the asthma sorted- book in with the asthma nurse and have yourself a check?? Mine is bad at the moment and there is alot of chesty type things going round..I would definately go back to week 3 when you feel able as that will boost your confidance and prepare you more for W4... good luck!!

  • Go back to week 3, you may find you only need to do it once or twice before going back to trying week 4.

  • Thanks everybody I appreciate the response, I didn't really want to do 3 again as it feels like going backwards and I had ticked that off, but I know it's the right think to do, it's not a race it's about doing it right.

  • I agree with Juicyju - you do need to get the asthma sorted. With regard to repeating week 3 - if you are unable to complete the runs in week 4 then you were not ready to move on to that week. Repeating runs/weeks is far from going backwards - I've repeated runs or weeks frequently if I felt it was in my best interests to do so and it has simply helped me progress far faster than I would have done by pushing on and attempting something for which I was not ready. Have patience - it will stand you in good stead in the long term.

  • Thanks, I've seen the nurse about my asthma and am on my meds so it's sorted now, just having a chesty cold didn't help. I am going to do a run tomorrow morning so will go back to week 3.

  • All power to you for seeing the asthma nurse and getting that sorted. Good luck with your W3 run tomorrow - sure you will be fine now. Best wishes.

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