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Week 3 Complete. Ready for Week 4, finally

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After a false start which led to this 'week' being more like two, today was the last run of week 3, and it was the first time I did the last 3 minute run and felt I would be capable enough next time for the dreaded 5 minutes.

Guess how I did it?

I slowed down. Just a little. But it made all the difference. I hadn't allowed myself to slow down previously, telling myself I am young and reasonably healthy, I should be able to keep going at that pace. But like you all keep saying, I can go back and work on my speed later. So I've finally listened.

Have done lots of hiking over this weekend too so hopefully this will have strengthened my legs enough for week 4. Any tips welcome

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I'm the same as you, hiking in a weekend and running through the week and thought I was making my legs too tired and maybe asking too much of myself but suddenly I'm feeling the benefit to both! My hiking this weekend was a lot easier and my run today better than I expected!

Nice one! I did my first Week 3 run and haven't really been bothered to track my speed so far. might consider doing it next time I'm out to see how not-fast I am going (honestly I am going very slowly)

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I only know because I am running on a treadmill!! How are you finding it so far?

So far, so good! i try not to look too far ahead and focus on one run at a time. I've had bad days (did an extra Week 2 run for that reason) but am prepared for it to take me longer than the 9 weeks. But even a bad work-out is better than what I was doing 5 weeks ago!

I might need to start a treadmill as the evenings draw in...

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Yes it's not safe to run where I live so I had no choice but to sign up for the gym, but treadmill running is fine. Just be sure to pop it on a slight incline to mimick the resistance you get from outside. Plus it's better for your knees!

Yep will keep that in mind! I'm generally a little bit allergic to gyms, so it might be a good way to get myself in the door!

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It is what we tell folk all the time.. slow and steady..it works... but you know that now don't you :)

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