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week 4 - first run

I have just made a right pig's ear of my first week 4 run!

I did week 3, four times until I got it right, and just couldn't do week 4 at all. Did the first three minute run, only managed half of the first five minute run, *just* about did the second three minute run and completely chickened out of the second five minute run.

I previously had problems with my calves "seizing up" which seemed to have gone away with extra stretching before each run but now it's back in both legs and makes it really hard to plod along even at the slowest jogging pace.

Any words of wisdom/motivational cheering would be massively appreciated right now!

*big sigh*

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Hi Victoria_Plum I had some calf pain but found that stretches really helped, I stood on a high step outside (sandshoes on) and then dropped my heels down so both calves get a really good stretch, I did this before and after my runs and it really seemed to help. Hang in there I hope this is of some use to you. Oh and I also rubbed in some medicated oil on both my front and back legs which warmed up the muscles nicely.


thanks Pinkus - I think some more stretches are definitely the way to go, particularly now it's getting much colder when I go running. Thank you :-)


W4R1 was the worst so far for me - but thereafter it all got better. I was amazed that after such an epic fail R2 was doable. I think W4 must be pivotal. Keepon with the programme, it works.


I had to have a second shot at W4R1 too. I did it while on holiday... well, not going to get to run along the Rhine often am I? The second 5 minute run was hard and when Laura said I'd done hlf that just about finished me off. I walked until she said there was a minute left and ran the last minute. The last day of the holiday I was up with the village clock (7 am) and though I thought at the start I'd fail even more spectacularly I managed to complete it, get back to the hotel, shower, finish packing, have breakfast and be ready for the coach at 8.45.

Just wish I'd been able to get a banana instead of the biscuits which were all I had to keep me going.

Hoping to to W5R1 today or tomorrow. This has been delayed as I was ill on Thursday.


I had never been inspired to take part in comments/q+as etc until I read your post. Your description of w4 was exactly the same for me. Weeks 1 to 3 were hard but I made it, but w4 was impossible. For the first time I managed 3+5 - no way could I have done it again - and the pain in my calves!!!! I have been doing w4 for about three weeks now, determined to crack it! But I was starting to lose belief. Today, after a weeks break, I tried again. Halfway through the first 3 mins, I thought no way can I do this. However, during each walk I seemed to recover and for the first time I did the full 3+5+3+5 - felt amazing (once I'd recovered!). Keep at it - I am suddenly remotivated and am going onto w5 tomorrow. Good luck.


ahhh, thanks elsie-f, that's very sweet of you to comment, and reassuring too! I did the run again tonight, and still completed both 3 minute runs and did half of both the 5 minute runs, so I think I'm going to work up to it slowly! It was like I was running through quick sand at one point; my feet were hardly lifting off the ground... :-o

Well done for cracking the week four barrier and I'm going to keep keeping at it!!


Busy times at work mean I am running less but today tackled w5....and nailed r1 first time. Could not believe how okay it was, in fact could've gone on for another 5mins I reckon. Having battled through w4, I am feeling pretty proud of myself. Hope w4 is getting better for you. Good luck and keep going, I promise you will look back and find it okay in the end!


thanks elsie-f! Glad you are beating week 5 :-) I am still getting through week 4, running the three minute bits but doing less than five minute on the other bits but am working up to it! I think it's mostly in my head that I "can't" run for five minutes but I hope to sort that out in a week or so!


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