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W4R1 completed!

So this is actually my first blog post as I wasn't feeling as inspired throughout the previous 3 weeks, up until now. I was enjoying my runs but today was really my breakthrough day. Prior to starting the programme I glanced through what was in store each week and thought I could manage the first 3 weeks fine, but week 4 was where it started to look a bit trickier. Needless to say I was feeling a bit anxious before I went on my first run of week 4, wondering how on earth I was going to run for 5 minutes straight....twice....

But I did it! I didn't even feel too close to death when I finished and I even had enough energy in me to speed up (a tiny bit) for the last minute. I felt such an immense feeling of pride having done it and I am already excited for my next run.

I have decided to write this blog in order to inform and motivate others but also for my own personal use so I can keep track of my runs. So just a final word: never doubt yourself! I have learnt that leaving the house with positive beliefs that you will complete your run, and maybe even enjoy it, then you're already halfway there.

And now I really am nearly halfway there to completing the programme and I couldn't be more excited! I have decided that as my reward for completing the programme I'm going to get myself some proper running skins, as this will also ensure I continue my running after I've finished the programme (and hopefully go on to train for 10k, which is my real end goal).

Anyway I have rambled on for long enough but I will certainly write again after my next run, see you then!

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Congratulations! Like you, I've just completed W4R1 (finished about an hour ago) and it wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think you're absolutely right - it's all about having a positive attitude and believing that you can do it - and trusting Laura. Good luck with the shopping -you're obviously going to look the part, I just bumble along in baggy shorts and a T shirt but each to their own.

Good to hear from someone else at the same stage - let's do this together. We CAN do it!


Going to be doing w4r1 this evening. Have been stressing out about it, because I found week 3 hard (to be fair, i've found every week hard).

So reading this has lifted my spirits somewhat. Just not doing it, isn't an option for me as i've come so far.

Well done for getting through it!


Thank you both! Good to see there are others out there feeling the same way. Good luck to both of you, the final 30 minute run isn't seeming so out of reach anymore!


Hi Fellow week-4ers!

I too completed W4R1 this morning and equally was doubting my hard work over the past 3 weeks....was I really going to be able to have the endurance to run for 5 minutes....well yes and when Laura told me I had run for a total of 16 mins this morning, I did punch the! Aren't we a clever bunch, it is an incredible feeling especially as I was very unfit and didn't think I'd ever manage W1R1.

Congratulations to you all, these are amazing steps which we are taking to improve our heath, fitness levels and future!

Good luck for run 2



Completed W4R1 tonight and I agree, I was so proud of myself. :) I think I really believe I can do this!

Congratulations on you great run, and yes we are half way there. Woot woot!!


Congratulations on your run, and thanks for sharing it in your blog too!

I did w4r1 today and found the last bit really tough. I was hungry, but did have a banana about 30 mins before heading out, and also took a water bottle because it was still quite warm out.

I would have liked to punch the air like SarahLB77, but could barely manage celebratory stagger. lol. I did keep going, and today was my first run after going back to work from the summer holidays. Even when there were people who could see me, I still kept going and pretended I was the only person there. I may not be fit & slim, (very self-conscious) but I am doing something about it and keep telling myself that every minute I run is a step closer to a fitter, healthier slimmer me. So thanks again for posting and helping me stay motivated.


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